Wuhan metro payment has a new change, there are concessions!

2022-05-03 0 By

Good news in wuhan subway more convenient on February 8th wuhan metro since formal access unionpay flash citizens pay lock business passengers can use bind the unionpay card of mobile phone, watches, bracelets or any bank issues with the unionpay pay “flash” logo IC card (including a debit card, credit card) near the gate induction area can be a “wave and pay” in and out of the station by bus fee directly from the corresponding unionpay card accountHow to deduct in the door to pay by subway?You can use a UnionPay card starting with the card number 62, with a flash payment mark on the card surface, and with the small-amount secret free service to get close to the gate induction area, and pass through after the gate is opened.Unionpay IC card can also be used to bind the bank card to a smart phone or wearable payment device, and then complete password/fingerprint/face verification with the phone or wearable payment device.At present, it supports some models of mobile phones and wearable devices with Pay function of huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and Apple.The charging rules for subway tickets are the same as those for ordinary one-way tickets. To ensure normal charging, passengers need to use the same card to enter and exit the subway gates.Unionpay flash-payment bank card with Wuhan Pass function will be regarded as Wuhan Pass card deduction fee when using the card and Wuhan Pass card deduction fee when using mobile phone Pay.If both wuhan Pass card and flash payment bank card are bound to the mobile phone, passengers can choose the type of brake card according to their choice of card.In order to better adapt to citizens’ demands for mobile payment and convenient travel, and to create a diversified mobile payment ecosystem in Metro, Wuhan Metro has been connected to 11 apps such as Alipay, wechat and flash Pay, as well as unionPay flash Pay function (including mobile Pay), and has realized connectivity with Shanghai Metro.In addition, Wuhan Metro cooperated with China UnionPay to enhance the ability to benefit and facilitate people, and simultaneously launched the preferential activities of flash payment through the brake, bringing travel benefits to citizens and injecting new vitality into their better life.