Angelababy’s hosting skills are in doubt, and she has been embarrassed by the ridicule

2022-05-04 0 By

Angelababy, huang Xiaoming’s ex-wife, is also a well-known variety actress in the entertainment industry. It has to be said that Angelababy has become extremely popular thanks to the show Running. As one female guest among many guests, Angelababy has been highly valued by the capital and gained a lot of resources.As a female artist, Angelababy can’t sing, dance or act. Such an artist who can’t do anything is destined to be teased, so Angelababy is always teased.But that doesn’t mean Angelababy doesn’t have a lot of traffic. So in this year’s Beijing Spring Festival Gala, Angelababy successfully became the host. Although this is an honor, it can’t escape the fate of ridicule.”Awkward”, this is the public’s evaluation of Angelababy’s hosting of the Spring Festival Gala, just a few lines are very stiff, the cadence did not read out, it is really awkward, from a female variety show who knows nothing directly to a female host who needs professional skills.I have to say, Angelababy must have paid a lot.