Bai Rui: At 35, you are going through the Cretaceous period in the workplace

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Layoffs, salary cuts, lay-offs, vacations, insufficient account balances…At 35, you’re going through the Cretaceous. Do you have a Plan B?Bai Rui, an organization development expert, author of the best-selling “Organization Diagnosis”, and a distinguished lecturer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has become an old working man at the age of 35.The “35-year-old Phenomenon” from the Perspective of development — An issue of People’s Daily in 2019″Three years to be promoted, seven years to be a director, ten years to deliver food, and occasionally to set up a stall” is another round of discussion about what future generations should do at the age of 35.In the zhihu, a certain god reached such a conclusion: natural is not the life of the animal society, play up the spirit to do network red!Like evolution, in the long course of nature’s evolution, the life that survives is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to changes in the environment.There is a second curve, a career path there are two growth curves for everyone.I interviewed several professionals about their side hustle, and they all kept saying, “There’s money to be made, why not?”However, at the same time, we are also worried about “what should I do if I become a network celebrity?”However, I asked some bosses if they would support a side hustle, and two bosses were so strict that they would be fired because they would be distracted from their main job.However, experiencing the epidemic, we will be sniffy to those who prohibit the sideline business bosses, wages are not fully paid, but also do not let us engage in sideline business?Do plan B?The hashtag # Sideline Needs and the rise of the “gig economy” have prompted people to think deeply about the future of the economy.Now no matter office workers, housewives, ordinary people, stars, white collars or company executives are also strongly aware that it is necessary to develop a side business in addition to the main business. Choosing products and services, consulting, speeches, coaching and so on can at least bring an additional income.True financial freedom is not having hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, but continuous cash flow.Someone said, “It is better to have three sources of income and earn 7,000 a month than a single source of income and earn 10,000 a month.”If one has three sources of income, one’s life is more stable.1. Income from your job.2. Sideline income.3. Investment income.In fact, the sideline is not so simple, a wechat business selling things in the wechat circle of friends, if you want to fully feed yourself, it must be hard, and to pay more hard.With entrepreneurship is no doubt.In my opinion, we should have the following ideas before we plan Plan B.1, income is not only guaranteed, but also concerned about the coefficient of security. This epidemic is a reminder.In the face of disaster, all are poor.Spiritually and materially destitute.80% of people in the workplace are in debt and have no savings. If you have 7 days off, you can have a great time, but 30 days off is endless anxiety and worry.However, bank loans and credit card repayment still arrive on time every month. As an office worker, the absolute value of monthly salary is no longer a function of security. Owning a Plan B can also provide more protection for myself in case of force majeure.Two plans adds to the security factor.I have a friend who started a small catering shop at the end of 2019.Half a year’s rent had just been paid, and before it even opened, the epidemic hit.He was bitter about the blow to the restaurant industry.After three days of reaction, the catering blow is too big, is not hot?He started live-streaming his simple cooking, which was so delicious and beautiful that many netizens who stayed at home flooded the site with traffic and even made up the rent.At the same time, he also propagandize his business philosophy, the twists and turned of opening a shop and the prevention of various pits, so he began to become very popular. These days, he continued to take her team, opened xiaohongshu, Douyin live and so on, and cooperate with multiple platforms, in order to expand the influence of his future physical store.Therefore, the sideline is not an income, but the width of life.To do that, you have to reach a certain level in your skill area.3, personal brand is beautiful, do not work hard how will be a household name?Personal brand explosion, passive income, early wealth and freedom, is the dream of every office worker.Why do personal brands?Many people also buy on behalf of others, many people also brush the order, but there are only more than 200 people in wechat moments, how many copies can be sold?Do sideline, the most direct is oneself interest hobby cash.And you genuinely love your side business, and when you focus on it, your personal brand builds.Some people proficient in photography technology, outside work time to help people take photos, gradually formed a reputation;Some humanities projects do well, and often contribute to the major we-media, not only to earn royalties, but also to improve visibility;Some people like to lose weight. They work as a model in some Taobao shops and coach in some gyms.In this era, it is necessary to actively build personal brand, community operation, circle of friends marketing, the release of content platform drainage promotion and so on.Your name recognition is the thickness of your income.All kinds of phenomena show that, like entrepreneurship to take risks to diligence, in countless repetition, countless boring grinding out new opportunities, is the most powerful way to distinguish themselves from their competitors.Maybe one day you’ll discover that your 9-to-5 colleague is making more than you do every month by doing a side business instead of playing video games, watching TV series and watching Tiktok.4, the goal is to increase income, but also optimize the income structure a lot of people look down on brush single, brush advertising people, but, legitimate money and what can be looked down upon.The ability to earn money outside of work is the foundation of your humble life.However, this can only increase income, but not change the income structure, and once there is an emergency, it is also in trouble.The main idea is from “after-tax income” to “after-sleep income”.For instance income of investment income, financial management income, deposit interest income, share out bonus income.This part of the income is non-work income, that is, sleep income can be obtained, you can call it graphically “sleep income.”The era of paying for knowledge is coming, and individuals can make money from their knowledge.Knowledge mainly depends on content, including writing, photography, music, painting, video and so on. If you put some effort into these aspects, you can also have a certain “after-tax income”.If can publish the work, obtains the copyright income, that nature is more powerful, including the music, the book and so on.The most difficult is invention, registered patent, at the same time, transfer patent use, including machinery, electronics, communications and so on, with intellectual property rights, as long as the one-time labor to pay the thing to do, can be permanent charge, realize the income after sleeping for many times.A side business is like starting a business.There is a business model for capturing revenue.Whatever it is, the best business model today needs three elements: urgency, pain, and frequency.The choice of sideline as far as possible is the need of modern life, there is demand, there is a market, to solve the need to harvest wealth.Rui Bai is an expert on organization development, author of the best-selling book Organization Diagnosis, and a distinguished lecturer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University