Dalian power in Winter Olympics

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Meet the “Dalian power” on the field of the Winter Olympics!In Beijing and Zhangjiakou, NTO athletes and volunteers from Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Liaoning Normal University and Dalian University of Technology will contribute to the “Strength of Dalian” for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.What is NTO?NTO is the abbreviation of the domestic technical officials of the Winter Olympics, and the general name of technical representatives, competition officials, referees and metering officials.A number of teachers and students from Dalian will serve as domestic technical officials for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games after joint training and selection by boCOG and relevant national associations.Sun Chenyang is a physical education teacher at Dalian Maritime University.According to Sun, the selection of judges for the Beijing Winter Olympics began in 2018. Recommended by the Liaoning Winter Sports Management Center, Sun participated in several rounds of NTO training and assessment organized by the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, and finally obtained the qualification. He was notified by the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics in early January 2022.On January 21, Sun Chenyang arrived at the competition area and entered the closed-loop management.He said: “I feel very proud to be a Chinese because Beijing has hosted both the Summer and winter Olympics!As a sportsman, I am very proud to be able to contribute my share to this Winter Olympics.In the arena I will work hard, fair adjudicator, power for the Beijing Winter Olympics, to show the world dalian maritime people’s spirit!”In Zhangjiakou, Wang Chungong and Bi Ran from the School of Physical Education and Health of Dalian University of Technology will judge the cross-country skiing and biathlon events.The Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held against the backdrop of regular epidemic prevention and control, will involve athletes from all over the world as judges, which may pose a certain risk.”We were aware of the risks before signing up, but there is a shortage of winter sports judges in China, so we have to overcome these difficulties,” bi ran said.Five teachers and students from the School of Physical Education of Liaoning Normal University were invited to serve as NTO of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Among them, Jiang Yong and Gao Huanyu are domestic technical officers of ski jumping and Nordic events of the Winter Olympic Games.Jiang Yong, Wei Liang and Wang Jin were the domestic technical officers of biathlon for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Wei Liang, Wang Jin and Liu Wei were appointed domestic technical officer of snowboard and slalom.Liu Wei Alpine skiing is a perfect combination of speed and skill skiing, is considered to be the most difficult to organize, the most complex degree of winter sports.The alpine skiing competition of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held at the “Xuefeiyan” National Alpine Skiing Center in Yanqing, with Wang Guanchen, a teacher from Dalian University of Technology, serving as the NTO of the event.Wang Guanchen is a national judge of alpine skiing, a first-level judge of biathlon, a first-level judge of cross-country skiing and a first-level judge of basketball. He has participated in the 13th and 14th National Winter Games, the International Snow Federation and other top competitions at home and abroad as a judge.In addition, dalian will have a number of athletes to participate in the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and many people serve as volunteers for the events.It is reported that after all the games, the mission personnel will stay in isolation for 21 days, to ensure that it is safe to leave the competition area.Materials: Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian University of Technology. Photo provided by the respondent. Art edited by Zhang Xin