Incredible game!Women beat Japan on penalties!An epic victory!

2022-05-04 0 By

In the women’s Asian Cup semifinal, China Rose came back from two goals down and two goals down.Send a New Year gift to the whole nation!No. 19 Riko Uechi headed home in the 26th minute of the first half and Wu Chengshu equalized in front of the net a minute into the second half.The game dragged into extra time, 103 minutes of Japanese women’s football in front of a free kick, and again no. 19 Uechi Riko successful header against the offside, the Japanese team 2-1 ahead.The game into the suffocating mode, 119 minutes Wang Shanshan absolutely flat, the game into a penalty shootout!China goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two penalty kicks before Wang Shanshan clinched the final, eliminating Japan 6:5 on aggregate and entering the final.Thank you to every member of the women’s football team, thank you to Shui Qingxia!Thanks to sun Wen, the leader of women’s football team!This match is so timely and important!