Polish eye, ice pier pier concept unit big differentiation!Leading stock 5 even board, “star stock” intraday limit

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As the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, Bingdwen dwen is “hard to find”, and bingdwen Dwen concept shares have become one of the most popular concepts in the A-share market recently.But continued to rise, ice pier pier concept stocks began to differentiate, there are stocks continue to strong trading, there are hot stocks diving.Analysts said that some of the ice dun dun concept stocks have risen and poor performance, high risk of falling back.Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, The popularity of Yuanlong Yatu market continues to rise, known as “ice dun Dun first”.On February 11, Yuan Long Yatu again rose by the one-word limit and closed at 29.77 yuan that day, with the latest market value of 6.591 billion yuan.As of the close, the daily limit is still 86,800 hands sealed single.Data from China Securities Taurus APP shows that in the past five trading days, Yuan-long Yatu has risen by the daily limit in a row, with weekly gains of more than 60%.Cinda Securities research report recently said that the winter Olympics licensed merchandise sales hot, licensed merchandise production and sales enterprises are expected to benefit.Yuan-long Yatu said on its investor interactive platform that it designs, produces and sells seven series of licensed products for the Winter Olympics, including Bingdun-Dun (Snow Rong-rong) plush toys, figurines, buckles and crystal balls, as well as bingdun-dun blind boxes, badges and precious metals.Yuan Lung Yatu was listed on The Dragon tiger list on February 11 due to the deviation of 20% in three consecutive trading days.Data show that in the past three trading days, the market funds continued to buy a large amount of money, the top five business departments with the largest purchase amount bought a total of 133 million yuan, accounting for 29.85% of the total transaction;The top 5 sales departments with the largest selling amount sold a total of 81,828,600 yuan, accounting for 18.31% of the total transaction, and the net difference between buying and selling was 64,253,700 yuan.Wen cast control shares intraday limit in contrast, another ice pier pier hot shares wen cast holdings in the continued rise, began to turn downward.On February 11, TCI holdings opened sharply lower, bouncing as high as 3.69 yuan, but then fell again, once hitting the daily limit.By the end of trading, CIH was down 9.74% at 3.52 yuan, with turnover of 757 million yuan and latest market value of 6.529 billion yuan.According to the announcement, THE company signed a contract in June 2021 to become the franchise manufacturer and seller of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.The company develops and produces a total of 24 special products related to the Winter Olympics, including ceramic badges, mugs, ceramic ornaments, commemorative silver badges and commemorative badges, etc.From February 7 to 9, Wen Tou Holdings for 3 consecutive trading days limit, become one of the hot market bingdudun concept star shares.On February 10, INVESTMENT holdings issued a notice indicating that the company’s licensed production and sales rights are not exclusive authorization, and the winter Olympics derivatives sales are not the company’s main business, the future sales heat can continue to exist uncertainty.In addition, due to the impact of COVID-19, the recovery of the film and television industry is still under pressure, and the recovery of the company’s theater business is still uncertain.It is worth noting that recently, the second largest circulation shareholders have taken advantage of the concept of Ice Pier Pier Dongfeng precise reduction.On the evening of February 9, CITIC Holdings released a notice that from January 6 to February 9, “Xiamen Trust Huijin 1667” a total of 10 million shares, the reduction ratio of 0.5391%.Basically, according to the company’s latest performance forecast, Investment holdings is expected to lose 420 million yuan to 500 million yuan in 2021.The other two market sentiment slightly less ice pier pier concept shares Wenshili and vegetables 100 shares in the recent two trading days also began to adjust.Data show, February 11, Wensli closed down 4.01%, at 25.16 yuan per share;It has fallen 8.27% over the past two trading days.In the first three trading days of the week, Wensli rose 13.5%.Caibai shares plunged 5.84% to close at 12.63 yuan per share on Feb. 11.In the first three trading days of the week, caibai shares rose 15.6%.Source: China Securities Journal wechat official number Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Editor: Zhang Ying