Shining years shine on the world

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On New Year’s Eve, The city of Xi ‘an is brightly lit, warm and peaceful.(Photo by Xie Wei) On New Year’s Eve, datang Lotus Garden is magnificent and charming.(Photo by Shang Hongtao) This week, Xi ‘an orderly resumption of work and production, the long-lost “fireworks” is accelerating the return;This week, the scenic spot gradually resumed opening, xi ‘an once again opened the colorful “night view mode”;This week, red Spring Festival couplets, bright lanterns, colorful flowers and other “atmosphere group” are in place, the millennium ancient capital will usher in the Year of Yin tiger.Xi ‘an’s New Year’s Eve “One-click Pull Man” has also attracted constant attention from mainstream media at home and abroad. Many overseas netizens left comments saying “I have never been to xi ‘an, but I love this city” and “I want to go to see it after the epidemic”.As the saying goes, the off-year is the year.When the huge Spring Festival couplets adorn the gates of Xi ‘an, the ceremony of the year began.”January 25 is the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar.On this day, the four gates of Xi ‘an, east, west, south and north, will be dressed in red to welcome the coming Year of Yin tiger.” carried a report with the title: “The city gate welcomes the New Year with joy.”With the orderly return of normal life, the flavor of Xi ‘an streets and lanes is getting stronger and stronger, and the beautiful calendula lanterns are undoubtedly one of the thick and colorful.”On the night of January 27, Xi ‘an used 37 sets of colorful lanterns to create a New Year atmosphere of Chang ‘an.”On January 28, People’s Daily online took pictures of the City Wall of The Tang Dynasty that never Sleeps, Datang Lotus Garden, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Xi ‘an City Wall scenic area and Yi Folk Community Cultural Block.This feast of light and shadow not only attracted the public to stop and watch, but also attracted the attention of many mainstream media: “Xi ‘an Lights up New Year lanterns in the Year of the Tiger”, “The ancient City of Xi ‘an is getting more and more colorful New Year lanterns attract the eyes”, “Streamers overflow beautiful!, Chinanews,,,, and People’s News have all filled up the atmosphere of Chang ‘an with lights on.In addition, Xinhua News Agency’s news about the bright lights of Xi ‘an Datang City that Never Sleeps to celebrate the Festival was published on the main accounts of overseas social media on Facebook and Twitter, as well as accounts in French, Thai and Indonesian, which attracted wide attention and was actively forwarded by the official accounts of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland and the Thai channel of CHINA-ASEAN Report.According to statistics, the report covered 151,260 users with a total of 2,892 interactions.Many overseas netizens praised: “Colorful and beautiful,” “beautiful and looking forward to it,” “AFTER the epidemic, I want to see it,” “never been to the city, but I love it.””Not an outsider” warm heart “Shaanxi for nine consecutive days zero new!”On January 30, the news pushed by Guangming network boosted the confidence of 13 million people in Gucheng to completely defeat the epidemic.Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Xi ‘an, many foreign friends have taken the initiative to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, demonstrating a true friend in need.”I am a foreigner, but NOT an outsider”, the heartwarming story of Ma Wenxuan, a Student from Kazakhstan, has become the focus of media coverage.”I was particularly honored and happy to know that President Xi Jinping mentioned my name in his speech [at the video summit marking the 30th anniversary of China’s diplomatic ties with the five Central Asian countries]…When the epidemic broke out in Kazakhstan, Chinese friends did not hesitate to lend a helping hand.Shaanxi is my second hometown, and I would like to use what I have learned to contribute to the community and Shaanxi.”On January 28, Xinhua News Agency published an article entitled “A Foreigner who is Not an Outsider! President Xi Is Talking about him”, which carried an in-depth report on the Kazakh boy.As of press time, the story had more than 1.083m views.The photos were released on xinhua’s main overseas social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, covering 98,585 users with a total of 938 interactions.In addition, on January 28, the song “Chang ‘an Chang ‘an” (Frozen City), a public benefit song specially composed for Xi ‘an by renowned Belgian composer Jean Malone, hit the Internet.Artists cross borders and languages to convey warmth and power in their own way, which has been reported by many mainstream media.Recently, the archaeological excavation of the East Gate site of the Outer city of the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshi has received new information.”The process of construction and destruction of the east gate outside the mausoleum of Emperor Qinshi has been clarified.Judging from the presence of teriyaki earth and carbon debris, the destruction of the gate was related to fire, and then the natural gully was formed through the destruction of water.”On January 24, more than 90 media outlets, including,, and China Youth Net, pushed the news.According to statistics from Xinhua’s external publishing platform, the foreign version of the news was adopted by AFP,, G-Search, Nikkei Telecom and other foreign media.On January 28, the official wechat account of released a bombshell news: New discoveries on terracotta Warriors and horses!”Researchers have discovered a new multi-purpose composite material from the Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty,” the article said.It’s a protein binder made of egg and animal glue mixed with ceramic powder as an inorganic filler.”The material is said to be widely used in the filling, bonding and leveling of the terracotta warriors.The article has been read more than 100,000 times and has been reprinted by many media such as Netizens have left comments saying that “surprises keep coming” and “the wisdom of the ancient people”.(Wang Ying, Xi ‘an Urban Culture Communication Studio)