The gap is obvious!The Chinese women’s football team is taught in Japan, fans are encouraged not to criticize and treated differently from the men’s team

2022-05-04 0 By

Women’s Asian Cup semi-final, a focus of the showdown, China women’s football team to challenge Japan women’s football team!Both teams have a lot of momentum and have already secured their tickets to the World Cup, but because of the animosity between the two sides and the debt on the men’s side, the taste of the game becomes more unusual, the desire to win is more intense, neither wants to lose to each other, victory is the only goal.The Japanese women’s football team is definitely better than the Chinese women’s football team, but so what, we also have stars, so there is a chance to make an upset.Speaking of the battle between China and Japan, the Japanese women kicked off the match, controlled the pace of the game, kept passing the ball and looking for opportunities to shoot.Less than 4 minutes, The Japanese team completed the first foot hit the goal, hit high, the National football team is escaped.China’s counter-attack, no threat, the Japanese team got the ball to re-organize the offensive.The Japanese shot from the left side of the penalty area was blocked by the Chinese women’s team, and then a push shot glanced past the post.The Chinese women’s football team made a mistake in passing the ball and was intercepted by the other side.The Corner kick of The Japanese team was sent out, but the Chinese women’s football team cleared out.The goalkeeper’s kick didn’t work and Japan got the ball back and went on the attack, again coming into our penalty area and firing just past the post.The Chinese women’s football team is surrounded by dangers, with the possibility of losing the ball at any time.Chinese women’s football team still can not attack, the restricted area can not reach.In the 19th minute, the Chinese women’s soccer team took a corner kick. Zhang Xin’s tactical corner kick was sent out and passed to Wang Shanshan.The Japanese attack was blocked by goalkeeper Zhu Yu after a single shot by the defender.The Chinese women’s football team organized an offensive without any threat.In the 26th minute, Japan still broke through, with a great header that left the goalkeeper in dismay.The girls of the women’s football team lost the ball, but the fans did not criticize the women’s football team as they criticized the men’s football team, but encouraged: “Although the strength is not as good as others lost the ball, but every player is very hard, which is not seen in the men’s football team.””It doesn’t matter, qualified for the World Cup anyway!””Even when women lose, we don’t scold.””There is a gap in strength, but women are willing to run and dare to fight. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose.There is no way, this is the reality, men’s football has not face, how to criticize too much.But the women’s football team is different. At least they got the World Cup ticket, and the opponent is the world champion Japan. Besides, the scene is not too ugly, so we should encourage and support them.