The secret of the women’s victory over Japan is exactly what the Chinese men’s team lacks most

2022-05-04 0 By

On February 4th, Beijing time, in the early morning of this morning, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Japanese women’s football team in the Semifinal of the Asian Cup and reached the final. This is a tough victory, the biggest significance of this victory is not the Chinese women’s football team to reach the Asian Cup final for the first time in 14 years, but through this victory to Chinese football brings enlightenment.The secret of the Chinese women’s victory over Japan is what the Chinese men’s team lacks most.It was a thrilling match as the Chinese women’s team trailed twice, came back twice and won on penalties.Did our girls win the match on skill?Or win on strength?No, we won because of the spirit of never giving up.Look from the technical statistics, China’s women’s figures are fully behind rivals, possession on the other side is 67%, we only have 33%, from several aspects, Japan is also in full set ahead and pass each other also is one of our times, in short, the Chinese women’s team in the game is very passive, but in the end still can be in a last-minute equaliser,We rely on the spirit of never giving up.Chinese women’s football team used to be brilliant, but now our ranking and record have dropped a lot. Let’s say one thing, it is not the decline of the level of women’s football team, it is indeed that now all countries begin to pay attention to the development of women’s football team, and the pressure of competition has become greater.But regardless of whether or not has become a strong competitor, the spirit of the Chinese women’s team has been no change, never give up spirit is that we can still win over powerful opponent’s secret, take the game, some people to cramp, someone on a stretcher, but we always insist on, this is the miracle of the overtime last minute absolutely flat.But this spirit is exactly what The Chinese men’s soccer team lacks most.In the face of the defeat of the men’s football team, we always reflect on the youth training foundation and football philosophy. Although these are indeed the strong foundation of football, sometimes the addition of mental strength can also be achieved to defeat the strong, which is also the charm of the football match, otherwise the match will lose its meaning.Take the game in which China national Football Team lost to Vietnam on the first day of Chinese New Year as an example, all the players on the field were in greasy hair, and their hair styles could not be disorganized even if they played the whole game. When China national Football Team lost the first goal, the opponent’s side cross and the captain’s classic dodge ball became the hot spot for fans to ridicule after the game.What Chinese men’s football team lacks now is not only technology and tactics, but also the spirit of the women’s football girls.