This is the most correct coping strategy in the face of parental urging

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01 Urging marriage this topic, every Chinese New Year, is mentioned the most times, after all, for parents, to see their children get married, they have a marriage in their hearts.However, marriage is not a joke, it is related to the happiness of a lifetime, and we can not just pull lang match.If the children are unhappy in the future, the adults must feel bad too.In a word, for urging marriage this thing, I think, should be the result of two-way selection.Parents can urge, but also with children happy to accept the way, do not let them produce some extreme ideas, otherwise, to that time the consequences really unbearable.In my side, there are also a lot of cases urging marriage, some of them did find a partner who can let their hands hold for a lifetime under the arrangement of their parents, while some of them are still muddled, do not know what they want in the end.In fact, for everyone, we should have a general life plan, when to get married, when to buy a house, we should have a general deadline, and to forge ahead towards this goal, after all, with a goal, we do things, also have power.Combining with the cases of people around me, I have summarized several ways to deal with urging marriage.02 Speak your mind, don’t quarrel with your parents a lot of children, in the face of their parents’ marriage, they feel very agitated, will feel parents chatter nagging, all day is these things, will hit the heart give birth to a kind of resistance.In fact, in the face of parental push offensive, you can completely change a kind of attitude, there is no need to fight against them all the time, the more you fight, then the relationship with your parents, the worse it will be.Instead, tell your parents what you really think, try to get them to understand what you’re feeling right now, try to get them on the same page, even if it’s not the same, but try to get their sympathy, and hopefully stop pushing them to get married.In fact, we are all adults, in many things also have their own ideas.Sometimes, the reason why you stay single or don’t get married is just because you haven’t met the right person yet. Once you meet the right person, you can get married in a few minutes.Fate is a very wonderful thing, you must believe that marriage this kind of thing, God has its own arrangements.If your parents are always urging you to get married during the Chinese New Year, you can ask them for a period of time. Tell them that during this time, you will think about your life plans.Marriage, of course, is a good thing.Most of the time, the more anxious you are, the more likely it is to backfire.So, let parents give you time, not only let parents rest assured, but also let you have enough time to empty themselves, precipitation themselves, think about marriage this matter.If you are not a no-marriage person, you should really think about life at the age of 27 or 28, because once a guy is over 30, unless you are very good, it will be more and more downhill in the marriage market.In fact, there is nothing between parents and children can not communicate, as long as you tell him clearly, I believe that parents will understand.If you’re short, dark, fat, etc., waiting for a tall, handsome man to conquer you is probably a waste of time and will only result in disappointment.After knowing ourselves, we still need to improve ourselves constantly, so that we can match the ideal lover.Marriage is a matter of equal rank and family.So I hope we can be objective when it comes to marriage.Marriage is a long journey. If two people have no common interests and have different views, conflicts will naturally arise during the journey.If two people can’t manage these conflicts properly, the haven of marriage can become the center of the storm, which can be emotionally draining in the long run.Marriage, originally is a very happy thing, if let it become a shackle, or become a burden, it would be the cart before the horse.In fact, for the older youth, the most important thing to do is to improve themselves first, so that they can have a stable job and an independent income, and at the same time to keep themselves excellent.There’s a saying that says, if you blossom, as you become better and better, you will find that the people around you are different.In short, most of the time, facing some changes in the outside world, we cannot change others. What we can do is to change ourselves and give each other a high-quality lover.As you become better and better, and shine, surround yourself with people who are at your level.Marriage is supposed to be the result of a strong union. Two people’s souls fit together, they are independent of each other and have their own career. After marriage, they move forward towards a goal.Therefore, in the face of some marriage, older youth do not be too anxious, the more anxious the more can not find the right, when you can relax the mood, wait patiently, then, sooner or later, there will be a spring day.At that time, you will feel that marriage is a very happy thing.Today’s topic: What should you do when parents urge you to get married?Feel free to leave a comment.