Toilet decoration, can not do this “7 points”, live a year have to tear down, lost tens of thousands of pieces

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Must be right now at the moment, when a lot of other people begin to decorate ground of intense gongs and drums to undertake!Do you often go to the site for a few laps?Don’t go every day, but when installed to the key area, or suggest that we take time to take a look, such as the toilet decoration has to be delicate, from the door to check in, have to delicate, how a delicate method?Look over here.One, the position that takes the door, threshold place must delicate.From the threshold stone, the more to the inside of the toilet, the more inclined, the direction of the slope is from the threshold stone below the flow to the bathroom.The width of the threshold stone should be as wide as the doorframe.Two, paving tile to delicate.First of all, the first point is to pay attention to the slope, it is the gradient of water flow, the ceramic tile of toilet must beautiful seam, cracks have to seal sealed, floor tile juncture and wall brick juncture to align, whether wall brick, floor tile pressure or floor tile, wall brick pressure, is not allowed in the space between the last point is must choose to prevent slippery brick, especially families with children, the elderly in the home,It’s a small one, but safety first.Three, the platitude of the problem, waterproof delicate.Waterproof paint to buy good, metope waterproof at least 30 centimeters high, bathroom area to achieve 180 centimeters, of course, some people do the whole wall, also can not taste.Four, of bathroom ark delicate.Although stage basin is very good-looking, but do not choose as far as possible, because too easy dirty too easy moldy is too difficult to clean, choose basin under the stage as far as possible so, the waterproof stage of wash one’s hands pool is very important also, otherwise toilet ground is wet slippery, take back and forth outdoor, there are footprints easily in the home.(A small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view) five, storage space planning to be delicate.A lot of people like “after the event various ge is bright”, do not hit cabinet before decorating, do niche receive, decorated ability thought of already late, then buy a few disorderly buy content wear to put in narrow narrow toilet, although receive ability is good, but appearance level is really low, toilet still must hit cabinet to come good-looking.Six, blind pursuit of “other people’s” dry and wet separation.Say to dry wet depart, want to do not want, buy vitreous shower room directly, actually the kind that dry wet depart is very much, bath curtain adds block water also is a kind, bath curtain is good clean still do not occupy a place, suit small family toilet very much.Seven, in order to “imagine delicate” and install bath crock.A lot of people decorate at the beginning think very beautiful, come back from work bubble bath, think of romantic 2 people bath even, actually?Bridal chamber is far from unit dead, come back from work had eaten a meal all evening eight nine, clear up once 10 come to point, tired become a dog to drop head to sleep, which have so much time to bubble bath?So when toilet is decorated, everybody must consider this “7”, otherwise live a year to have to tear open, move a little to have to lose tens of thousands of.(This article is edited by Qi Jia xiaobian, graphic from the network, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete!)