“We will not retreat until Xuzhuang village is unsealed!”

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Five siblings from Haizhou, Lianyungang, competed to be volunteers
Zhang Yelu drew a picture of ultraman medical staff doing nucleic acid tests for villagers on the volunteers’ protective clothing. “Please line up, keep a distance of one meter, and wear masks.”At 7 o ‘clock in the morning of March 13, the scene of the seventh round of nucleic acid testing in Xuzhuang Village, Haizhou Industrial Park, Lianyungang City was crowded with people. “Ultraman”, holding a loudspeaker, checked residents’ health codes and guided residents who came to collect nucleic acid to pay attention to the scene order.At the nucleic acid testing station, “Bing Dwen Dwen” holds a mobile phone, scans the input information of the resident id card, and disinfect the spot from time to time.”Xue Rong Rong” was inserted into the scene to soothe residents’ emotions and assist in nucleic acid testing of all staff…Paramedics do nucleic acid testing for the villagers Zhang Yeru volunteers in protective clothing on ice mound mound disease resistance line, taking the “snow” “ice mound mound” came in recent days, xu zhuang village, the villagers every day and in “ultraman” “ice mound mound” cartoon characters such as volunteers meet, exchange, be xu zhuang village nucleic acid testing point to a beautiful scenery line.The paintings were created by Zhang Yelu, an intern at lianyungang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital.In order to encourage villagers and volunteers, Zhang drew cartoon images of volunteers wearing protective clothing in her spare time to ease residents’ tension.”Kids, you see, my snow rongrong represents strong, don’t be afraid, he will give you strength.”A white-clad soldier in “Snow Rong-rong” said the protective suit was that of volunteer Xu Yan, who has been standing firm in Xuzhuang village since March 5.Xuzhuang Village, located in Haizhou Industrial Park, is a typical combination of urban and rural areas with a registered population of 4,321. Due to its proximity to wuyue Square and other shopping malls, it has a complicated personnel structure. On March 6, Yangwei area of Xuzhuang Village was designated as a closed control area.In the face of the outbreak, the epidemic prevention and control work in Xuzhuang Village is extremely difficult. At the moment when volunteers are in urgent need, Xu Yan resolutely signed up and insisted on nucleic acid sampling sites, responsible for organizing nucleic acid sampling work of more than 2,000 people every morning.In the afternoon, I was responsible for coordinating the medical treatment of personnel in the containment and control areas, and the preparatory work of nucleic acid sampling the next day.On March 11, xu Yan learned that a two-year-old baby was in urgent need of medical treatment because of illness. She first comforted her family members and then contacted Punan Eye Hospital to send the baby for treatment.On the same day, an eight-month pregnant woman became anxious because her gums had become inflamed and she had been unable to eat for two days.After learning of the situation, Xu Yan played the professional ability of psychological consultants, the first time to call the pregnant woman for comfort, comfort the pregnant woman, coordination for nearly two hours, before the pregnant woman transferred to the city’s maternal and child health care hospital for treatment.By The 13th, Xu Yan coordinated nine patients to seek medical treatment, including three pregnant women, four children, dog bite patients and heart stents patients.The five siblings, xu and xu Wells of volunteers volunteers Xu Yan affected by sister four younger brothers to be volunteers in fact this is not the first time that Xu Yan volunteer, 37, applied psychology graduate Xu Yan graduated from suzhou university, after the wenchuan earthquake in 2008, she was in wide areas of mianzhu dhi deyang city of sichuan province town do a year of “earthquake relief volunteers”,Local media called it “a bright peony by the shiting river”.Under the influence of Xu Yan, her brother xu well is the first time to become volunteers of nucleic acid sample input information, three other cousin Xu Chunjing, xu, custine also actively apply for joining the ranks of volunteers, responsible for nucleic acid detection people maintain work order, siblings, 5 hours of work for over ten hours a day, without complaint.”Xuzhuang village will not be unsealed and we will not leave. As long as there is a need, no matter how late or tired we are, we will help to do voluntary epidemic prevention services. This is for the sake of everyone’s safety and is the responsibility of a Party member.”Xu Yan said.A simple sentence reveals the firm sense of responsibility and mission of many volunteers like Xu Yan.Yangtse Evening News/Ziniu news reporter Zhang Lingfei correspondent Shao Peiyuan Wang Yufei proofread Su Yun