Why do children not want to go to grandma’s house when they grow up?Adults should have known better than to blame children

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There is a common phenomenon that children hate going to their grandparents’ house more and more, and this phenomenon becomes more and more obvious as they get older.Grandma and grandpa also like their children’s offspring, because they are each other’s grandparents. If the children live with them after they are born, the children will like them very much.But as they get older, they change their mind and don’t like going to their house.Because of the traditional concept, grandchildren are not so close, children seem to have some food and drink, but why do not like grandma, grandpa?A child’s own parents should understand.First of all, mom and dad should think about the reason why children don’t go to visit.Close not to bother, is far away to get married mother, often with their children back, even when I was a child have very frequent, but after age, want to go to the extent of the is not as strong as he used to be, by talking about conditions, let the children to their homes, but even to the bride’s family, the children’s face also not too good.The mother who gets married far away will increase the number of times she goes to her parents’ home. When she goes back, she will definitely want her children to go with her, but the children may not understand.A journey is also very far, sometimes it takes a day to go back and forth. The reason for the tiredness of the journey leads to the dislike of the children. They would rather do other things than go to their grandparents’ home.There are more than half of the road, so at present can only walk with the children waiting for the arrival of the car, and some people have not used to the car as a child, but there are frequent out to play.They think there is nothing new on the road.I slowly lost my curiosity and expectation.2. The power of social development of the network era, many children have a crush on the network, which is why they didn’t don’t like me to go out, many children become more “home”, let alone to “in” grandpa outside, the husband’s family, in school at ordinary times, also don’t have much access to the network, only can have a good time at rest, sometimes think about it,The Internet age may change the way of communication, but it makes the distance between family members more and more distant.In someone’s home, however, did not at home, even his mother’s parents, and there will be some strangeness, although is the family member, but long time no see, also exacerbate the phenomenon, at the same time, the children feel inferior to oneself the home that can want to do it, without any limitation, this kind of feeling is rare, as well as their own private space.Since ancient times, children have felt closer to their real grandmas, their father’s mother and father.They always seem to get along better with each other, on the one hand, they have more opportunities to meet each other, and on the other hand, they don’t feel strange to each other, which is why more children like their grandparents.Whether grandparents or maternal grandparents, sometimes blood ties and will directly affect the grandson, home of the sun, these treatment can be normal, also can be happened in the New Year, such as better care for their home sun, when you eat more food on them, each time you say goodbye to give a big red envelope, and grandson?There may be no such good treatment, for example, do not care about them, the red envelope is relatively small.Probably all of these are unavoidable, but the heart of the elder love the younger has always been there, I hope not to go to blame these.4. To cultivate children’s emotional condition good parents, their children to accept the education is good, but, parents misses the point is that more and more children play electronic product, this directly lead to they rarely have the time to contact with the outside world, and parents are busy, no more time to accompany, this is not conducive to the healthy development of childrenGo down for a long time children also become introverted, so between and children should go out more, can not stay at home for a long time, because what school has learned, more is to use outside, otherwise everything is useless!Urbanization construction, making the distance between people, a lot of people don’t know each other while living very close, for their children, a good situation to make their development more perfect, this point in the same are also applicable to the old people from rural to urban, if there is no communication, for the old people will be more lonely, only to improve the status quo can better!What if the child doesn’t want to go to grandma’s house?1. Go or not to give their children choose their children’s rights and an independent individual, the idea is also very clear, can is a can, can’t be can’t, can’t let them to do something you don’t like, or is not favorable to the development of their children, parents should view and practices to support her children.2. Make children comfortable in social Settings.Some parents always like to teach their children in front of others.Others like to show off their talents to the children.But kids don’t like it.It just gets worse and worse.As a result, some relatives let the children go free or play with friends and relatives.Maybe the kids prefer to go out.Conclusion: Does your child want to go to grandma’s house?