Why, if Wei Yan can handle the relationship with colleagues, then he will not be framed for death?

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Wei Yan was killed, it can be said that shu Han’s first big wrongful convictions.At that time, Wei Yan’s official position was the west general, liangzhou governor, former military adviser, not only named as the Marquis of Southern Zheng, but also has the right to holiday.There is no doubt that during the period of Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan was definitely the first person in the Army of Shu Han.However, such a pillar of existence, but shortly after the death of Zhuge Liang, was framed for treason.Not only was he killed, but also his three clans were killed by Yang Yi’s order.This ending is really a pity.First, Wei Yan in the Official History. Many people know wei Yan from The Romance of The Three Kingdoms.However, it must be known that romance of The Three Kingdoms is a novel after all, and much of its content and plot are actually fictional and cannot be treated as real history.In Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Wei Yan first appeared when Liu Bei was crossing a river with his people.After liu Bei withdrew from Xinye, he led his men and people to Xiangyang, but CAI MAO refused to enter the city.Wei Yan took the opportunity to seize the gate of Xiangyang with hundreds of men. He not only opened the gate but also lowered the drawbridge, urging Liu Bei to enter the city as soon as possible.However, Liu Bei did not want to enter the city. Instead, he led the people and his men back.Wei Yan had no choice but to flee Xiangyang and later went to work for Han Xuan, prefect of Changsha.After the Battle of Chibi, Liu Bei captured the four counties of Jingnan.When wei Yan captured Changsha prefecture, he killed Han Xuan and saved Huang Zhong, allowing Guan Yu to capture Changsha prefecture smoothly, and thus he naturally became liu Bei’s subordinate.These are all plots from Romance of The Three Kingdoms, but they are actually fake.The records of Wei Yan in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms are as follows: Wei Yan was a man of Yiyang.With the part of the song into Shu, the number of war, moved the tooth door general.That is to say, Wei Yan joined Liu Bei’s camp before 211 as part of the qu dynasty.As for Han Xuan, the prefect of Changsha, he was not killed by Wei Yan, but voluntarily surrendered to Liu Bei and continued to serve as the prefect of Changsha. There is no plot of Han Xuan being killed by Wei Yan in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms in history.In addition, “Bu Qu” means private armed forces.At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, local strongmen or army leaders could recruit refugees themselves into the army, and these refugees became part of the army.At that time, there was a strong personal attachment between Buqu and its master, in other words, it was equivalent to a semi-slave.That is to say, Wei Yan came to Liu Bei from a very low background, not as described in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms.History books do not record how Wei Yan joined Liu Bei, but Wei Yan was a native of Yiyang in Nanyang County, Jingzhou, and Liu Bei had been stationed in Xinye county, Nanyang County, for seven years, so it is likely that Wei Yan defected to Liu Bei at this time.After Liu Bei’s army entered Sichuan, Wei Yan excelled and his position continued to rise. After the Hanzhong War, he was appointed as the Governor of Hanzhong and became the chief official of the border area.After Liu Bei proclaimed himself emperor, Wei Yan conferred the title of General zhenbei.After Liu Chan ascended to the throne, Wei Yan was named Marquis of The Capital.In 227, after several years of rest, Zhuge Liang decided to launch a northern expedition, and Wei Yan was promoted to the position of Prime Minister Sima and Governor of Liangzhou.But from a certain point of view, Wei Yan this is a bright rise dark fall.Before that, Wei Yan was the prefect of Hanzhong. He was in charge of the whole of Hanzhong, and he was directly under the command of the central court.However, when he was promoted to the prime minister, sima meant that he became zhuge Liang’s subordinate and subordinate to the prime minister.Liangzhou was even more embarrassing, because Liangzhou was controlled by Cao Wei, and they would not listen to the orders of Shu Han officials.Under the command of Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan took part in five northern expeditions.Until Zhuge Liang died in 234, the tragedy of Wei Yan followed.Second, why was Wei Yan killed?According to Zhuge Liang’s arrangement, after his death, the main forces of the northern Expedition, led by Yang Yi and Fei Yi, retreated to Hanzhong. Wei Yan was in charge of finishing the battle, and Jiang Wei was in the middle.One of the main reasons for this arrangement was that Zhuge Liang was worried about conflicts between Wei Yan and Yang Yi if they were too close to each other.In addition, Zhuge Liang specially said that if Wei Yan did not want to withdraw troops, he would be left alone.In this withdrawal action, is led by Yang Yi.Wei Yan could not accept zhuge Liang’s personnel arrangement.On the one hand, his relationship with Yang Yi was very bad. On the other hand, Wei Yan, as a military general, was not willing to accept the leadership of the civilian Yang Yi.So Wei Yan took the lead in retreating before Yang Yi ordered to retreat, and burned all the trestles along the way, until Wei Yan confronted Yang Yi at the mouth of the southern valley.Wei Yan had planned to defeat Yang Yi at Nanggukou, but his men did not want to fight among themselves, so soon his men turned against each other. Wei Yan had no choice but to flee, but was finally killed by Ma Dai. Even his three clans were killed by Yang Yi’s order.Wei Yan, the famous general of a generation, came to an end.Generally speaking, wei Yan was killed for several reasons.First, the relationship between Wei Yan and Yang Yi was extremely bad, with each side trying to kill the other.As the first military general in The period of Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan was the top presence whether he was strategizing or charging into battle.However, As a long history, Yang Yi not only prepared for the provision of food and equipment, sorted out armaments, but also managed local affairs, planning military and political affairs, can handle orderly, commendable.This was zhuge Liang’s right-hand man.But embarrassingly, wei Yan and Yang Yi were both arrogant and arrogant.As a result, Wei Yan and Yang Yi refused to give in to each other.As time went by, the conflict between the two became more and more intense. Sometimes Wei Yan even drew his sword and almost killed Yang Yi.Yang Yi was no match for Wei Yan in terms of force.But wei Yan was no match for Yang Yi in terms of stratagems.After Zhuge Liang died, Yang Yi, who had been oppressed by Wei Yan for many years, could not bear it any longer, so he plotted all kinds of schemes and finally killed Wei Yan.In other words, if Wei Yan could get along well with Yang Yi, he would not end up destroying the three tribes.Second, wei Yan’s actions could easily be seen as plotting a rebellion.If Wei Yan really wanted to rebel, he could have allied with Sima Yi to defeat shu Han’s northern army at one stroke.Or he could lead his men back to the south quickly and beat Yang Yi to Chengdu.But Wei Yan did not. He was stationed on the way to wait for Yang Yi’s arrival, meaning that he intended to kill Yang Yi.But he did not expect that his men would not fight among themselves, so Yang Yi easily destroyed him.But under the circumstances, wei Yan’s actions could easily have been interpreted as plotting a rebellion.First of all, Wei Yan ordered that the trestle roads along the way be burned when he retreated.This would lead people to believe that Wei Yan was trying to prevent the return of the northern armies.In addition, Wei Yan took the lead in returning to the south, which would make people think that Wei Yan would arrive in Chengdu before Yang Yi, and then control the Court of Shu Han.Because of this, when the news reached Chengdu, even Liu Chan, Dong Yun and Jiangwan thought that Wei Yan was really going to rebel.In this case, Wei Yan’s failure is reasonable.Third, Wei Yan was so arrogant and had such poor interpersonal relationships that no one could intercede for him.There is no doubt that Wei Yan’s ability is very excellent, but his fatal flaw is that he is too arrogant.Not only Yang Yi, Wei Yan also looked down upon other civil officials and military generals, wei Yan was fearless in speech and behavior.People all have temper, what’s more, these civil servants and generals of Shu Han?When there is nothing to do, these people will stay away.But once Wei Yan had an accident, it was good that these people did not kick his ass, not to mention those who would speak for wei Yan and plead for him.Therefore, Wei Yan paid the price for his arrogance and arrogance.The death of Wei Yan was triggered by Zhuge Liang’s personnel arrangement before his death, but the main reason was wei Yan himself.If Wei Yan had been less arrogant, if he had been able to get along well with his colleagues, he would not have ended up destroying the three tribes.