With the vote, Tedros was thrilled: it was a done deal

2022-05-04 0 By

In the two years since the beginning of 2020, the Novel Coronavirus has spread rapidly to all countries in the world, causing irreparable damage to the human society. Many people have lost their lives due to the Novel Coronavirus infection. So far, the normal order of human society has not been fully restored.And with the passage of time, there are all kinds of mutant strains, which add difficulty to the already difficult epidemic prevention work, countless people are looking forward to the epidemic can pass as soon as possible, people can resume the life before the outbreak of the epidemic.Who has published a good news, now as the director-general of tam kung stuffed in get voted for all participating countries including China, will be in this year’s may continue to attend the director-general of who, if no accident, tam kung plug will no doubt re-election this office,This is great news for Tedros, who is 56 years old, and also good news for all countries. After all, Tedros has made some contributions to epidemic prevention and control.Tam kung tenure performance observers point out that, from 2017 to now this period of time, tam kung plug lead the eyes of the international community to Africa, many times to multiple medical technology more developed countries in the world is concerned about the health status of Africa, let countries on the continent are obtained from the attention of various countries and the international community to help.Since the outbreak, As an expert on malaria, Tedros has been on the front line of epidemic prevention and control for many times, constantly moving among many countries, actively organizing and coordinating epidemic prevention and control work in various countries, and making a positive contribution to the health of mankind and the stability of human society.In tedros’ view, medical teams in any country should work for the health of the whole people, and the international community should firmly use facts, science and solidarity to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic.There are no words to describe how excited Tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, 56, was at the news that he had been given a second term as who director-general.Kang Lik of the Republic of Korea, who represented the Western Pacific region, expressed his gratitude to Tedros for his support for vulnerable groups and countries and for his contributions to WHO in recent years.French representative Jerome Salomon stressed that Tedros will face more challenges in the future, and expected him to continue to promote the organization’s compliance with the rules.Tedros thanked countries for their support and comments, said they would continue to strengthen the meaning of who’s existence and invited all countries to abide by the principle that “health is one of the fundamental human rights”.Some sources: Global Times