Five TV Queens

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If a TV drama wants to have good ratings, it is not only the TV drama, but also the choice of actors.The actors are all 18 stars, if the performance is not good, many audiences will simply abandon the show.There are five TV queens in the entertainment industry.Check out their rankings below.Do you have a favorite celebrity?Fifth, Sun Li, I think we all know that she is a powerful actress, is a very low-key artist in life, simple, Since her debut, Sun Li shot “Legend of Zhen Huan”, “Legend of Miyue” and other wonderful TV dramas, leaving a deep impression on the audience.No matter what role, Sun Li can play very well, so, the general Sun Li TV series, high audience rating.Fourth, Yang Zi, a child star, made her debut as Xiao Xue in the family comedy Family with Children, which left a deep impression on the audience.Many people watched the TV series and kept their impression of Yang Zi in the character of “Little Snow”.Later, Yang zi tried various styles of drama to get rid of the role, and has finally stopped calling her “Xiao Xue”.Yang Zi’s career entered its heyday after she was praised for her work “Heavy Honey, Embers like Frost”.Third place, Yang Mi, she is the strong in the entertainment circle, she also made a lot of achievements.No matter the performance, or the audience’s recognition, the shooting of the TV series, are concerned by the audience.From Jade in the Palace to Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, every show is expected by the audience and will never disappoint.Since its debut, the film ratings are very high.Second place is Tiffany Tang. She has played many silly and sweet roles, but her performance is recognized.”Chinese Paladin Legend 3″, Tang Yan plays the role of “Zixuan”, with a beautiful and moving image attractive.Tang Yan in the ratings, do not worry too much.The first, Zhao Liying, worthy of the name “ratings queen”.She became a popular actress in the entertainment industry in her own right despite her background.Since the beginning of the Journey of Flower.Zhao Liying career spring, famous, shoot what TV ratings are very high!