Sewers clogged residents worry about community coordination dredge solution

2022-05-05 0 By

“Spring rain season is coming soon, the sewer pipe of our unit is blocked, there is a serious phenomenon of water return, this kind of situation we really can’t do anything!”Recently, Guiyang Huaxi district Xianren hole community received district general courtyard 12 residents of the response.Community grid members learned of this situation, immediately came to the scene to check, household to understand the situation.On-site negotiation.After many checks, need to ask professional dredge sewer.In order to solve this matter as soon as possible, grid member one by one telephone contact residents to explain the work, to clarify the existing problems and solutions.At the same time, grid staff set up a wechat group for residents of this unit, providing a communication platform for residents to express their opinions.With the help of the community, all the residents of the unit agreed to contribute.Dredge the scene.Through community coordination for many times, finally the residents reached an agreement to bear the dredging costs uniformly.Community grid members collected 7 residents dredge fees, and found a professional dredge company.Under the joint supervision of residents’ representatives, on April 1, the sewer pipe was finally dredged smoothly, and the normal life of residents was praised by residents.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Feng Chenyang editor Zheng Qing editor jiangdong he Tao