Tianrui Diagnostics, a medical diagnostic service solution provider, completed a round B+ financing of 100 million yuan

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On Feb. 14 reported recently, medical diagnostic service solution provider tianrui announced a complete one hundred million yuan B + round of financing, the financing by the league of nations of wuxi kang fund, ding kei golden horse fund, surplus credit capital owned by jiangsu Jie springs port-vicinity industry mergers and acquisitions fund jointly led, wuxi investment and hesheng, old shareholders golden rain bogor continue to overweight.It is understood that this round of financing will be used for the development and application of high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry clinical overall solution.Including: clinical mass spectrometry automatic sample pretreatment instrument registration and mass production, clinical mass spectrometry diagnostic reagent development and registration, clinical mass spectrometry AI reporting system development and optimization.Yang Yi, CEO of Tianrui Diagnostics, said, “We are very grateful to wuxi Guolian Guokang Fund, Ding Qi Jinma Fund, Jiangsu Spring Lingang Industry M&a Fund of Winxin Capital, Wuxi Hesheng Investment and jinyu Bogor, the old shareholder, for their support and recognition of the company.Clinical mass spectrometry has obvious advantages over traditional detection methods in precise quantification, high specificity, high sensitivity and multi-component simultaneous detection. It is the “gold standard” of clinical testing and will be gradually popularized and widely used.As a sharp tool of precision medicine, clinical mass spectrometry is developing rapidly in China, and its market share and clinical application are increasing year by year. Clinical mass spectrometry is the next blue ocean IVD market of 100 billion.This round of financing will accelerate the company’s research and development of new clinical mass spectrometry products and promote the standardization, automation and intelligence of mass spectrometry technology in clinical applications.We believe that these successes, based on clinical mass spectrometry, will benefit the general public.”Tianrui Diagnostics is a leading integrated service provider of overall medical diagnosis solutions in China. The company’s headquarters is located in Taihu Taihu National Tourism Resort Life and Health Industrial Park in Wuxi. With its unique business model of “precision medical intelligent diagnosis + Internet service platform”, Tianrui Diagnostics has become an innovator in precision medical diagnosis industry.Tianrui diagnosis group headquarters (wuxi) area of 3000 square meters + carrier, at present, wuxi, zhenjiang, yangzhou, yancheng, huaian etc. Several wholly owned and holding subsidiaries belong to precision medical laboratory platform, can provide, including biochemical, immune, mass spectrometry, microbiology, molecular pathology, scientific research and so on thousands of items, including inspection items, more than the characteristics of these projects.Relying on these platforms, Tianrui Diagnostics has cooperated with hundreds of secondary and tertiary medical institutions nationwide in precision diagnosis and treatment, including providing third-party testing services, co-constructing precision medicine centers and clinical research services.In 2020, the company’s “Zhenjiang Tianrui Precision Medical Laboratory”, “Yangzhou Tianrui Guoxin Medical Laboratory” and “Yancheng Tianyi Medical Laboratory” successively passed the acceptance of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing laboratory of local Health Commission, and were approved as third-party designated medical institutions for Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing.Learned, tianrui diagnosis has started all upstream and downstream industry chain layout, set up in 1 million doses of the jiangyin lingang kechuang garden clinical spectrum reagent industry base, expand the clinical liquid mass spectrum pretreatment equipment development and production of automation, clinical spectrum diagnosis reagent series development and registration, medical diagnosis AI multiple functions such as data analysis center, believe to a high and new technology,As the link of products and services, Tianrui Diagnostics will become a comprehensive solution provider for precise medical diagnosis in the field of clinical mass spectrometry, integrating the research and development of clinical HIGH performance liquid mass spectrometry technology platform, IVD instruments and reagent products and medical diagnosis AI.