“Tiger tiger” will go upstairs!At this time during the Spring Festival, lighting facilities in the island city will open the festival mode

2022-05-05 0 By

Peninsula media reporter Yin Yanxin correspondent Zhu Longlong in order to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, during the Spring Festival, island city lighting facilities will open the festive mode, the Lunar New Year’s Eve to the third day of the first month (January 31 to February 3) every night from 6:40 to 8 light operation, and to create a strong festive theme of the New Year atmosphere.In Fushan Bay area, the building lighting will take the theme of “Tiger gives rise to power” to welcome the Arrival of the Spring Festival in the year of tiger with the image of Fu Tiger welcoming the spring. The Chinese red background will be filled with “Peace, happiness, joy” and other New Year’s visions.Major events such as “Building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, wishing for harmony and exploring fire”, “Xi and day by day”, “Flying with heaven and stars”, “centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China”, and “Peace on the Yellow River” are successively presented in the picture, looking back on the extraordinary year of 2021.At the end of the picture, the theme of winter Olympics is “Together for the future”, and the people of The island city wish the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success together.Various districts and cities have decorated the city with lanterns and colorful night scenes to create a comfortable festive atmosphere for the general public.In Taiping Road, Shinan District, Shandong Road, Shibei District, Jiushui East Road, Licang District, Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, a number of buildings present festive elements, creating a happy light world.In west Coast wheel Mountain Road, Jiaozhou city public square, Pingdu Chongde Park, colorful New Year lights symbolize the people’s day in the new era is more prosperous.In the city hall of Laoshan District and Tangdao Bay of west Coast New District, the newly added interactive lighting facilities provide more interesting night travel experience for the general public tourists.Qingdao Municipal Administration bureau reminds tourists: During the Spring Festival, there are many people going out to play, please make reasonable arrangements for travel, do not gather, do not crowd, consciously take precautions against the epidemic.Public visitors who plan to visit May 4th Square can also enjoy lanterns at places with better views, such as the Olympic Sailing Center, Lover’s Dam and the Third Beach.