What is the difference between 48V, 60V and 72V electric cars?Which is more cost-effective?What are we gonna do

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Before reading this article, please click “follow” above, you can subscribe to our latest content for free, thanks to support our daily riding electric vehicles are usually 48 volt, 60 volt, 72V volt, which is mainly based on the type of electric vehicle battery to divide a way.In fact for a lot of electric car small white, do not know the difference between them?Don’t know which one to choose?Today, we will tell you a popular science!Lead acid battery is the main power supply of two – wheeled electric vehicle.For a lead-acid battery, the voltage is 12V, so four is 48V, five is 60V, and six is 72V.This means that the higher the battery voltage, the more current the electric car will receive, and the more power and longer range it will have for everyday riding.Of course, the bigger the battery, the more expensive it is!Which model is more cost-effective?It is definitely not that the more expensive the price, the more cost-effective, but that the lowest cost to meet your needs is the most cost-effective.48V, 60V, 72V electric vehicle positioning is different, the following details with you.At present, 48V models are mainly new national standard electric bicycles, with small models and speeds within 25km/h. They are mainly used for medium and short distance travel. In daily life, some baoma cars, student cars, white-collar cars and so on are common.The price is usually 1,500-3,000 yuan, with a range of 30-60 kilometers.60V models are at least electric light motorcycle, which belongs to the category of motor vehicles. These models have large size and certain storage space, and are mainly used for urban daily cycling.For example, many small turtle, calf and other pedal electric light motorcycle models are standard with 60V20Ah, 60V32Ah battery.The endurance is between 50-100 kilometers, which can meet the basic travel needs.This kind of model price is usually between 2500-3500!72V models of high-power electric motorcycle, mainly partial power, in some mountainous areas and more ramps, you need such a powerful electric motorcycle.The most common vehicles on the road, such as The Fast Eagle, The Shark and the Tuniu, are 72V electric cars, characterized by their “large” appearance and some with metal bumpers.Whether it is climbing, or endurance is very outstanding.The price of such models is usually more than 3000 yuan, and the range is between 60-150 kilometers!Conclusion: The differences between 48V, 60V and 72V models are also obvious.Basically look at the number of batteries, actually very good distinction.As for the cost performance, this should be based on their actual needs, if just go to school, pick up the baby, buy vegetables 48V electric car is enough, buy a 72V electric car is certainly not cost-effective, and go out to sell the need for 72V electric car, so as to run faster and take single.Guys, what’s your take on this?You are welcome to leave a comment!