Why is India so favored by western countries when it is so dirty and messy, and even wants to surpass China?

2022-05-05 0 By

In many people’s eyes, the image of India is a considered, and in the eyes of some western countries, India is a nation, not only the United States and Russia to woo, even every once in a while the western media to brag about it India, many Indian people are praised dizzy, always Shouting beyond China, even some people think that India has been ahead of China,So why is India so popular in the West?India is a multi-ethnic country, at the same time, also is one of the four ancient civilizations, has a long history and bright culture, was supposed to become outstanding in the world, but for once is under the influence of British colonial rule, the current situation of the development of today’s did not satisfy people in India, though as China’s urban construction, but the Indian people think they are far more than China,There was a media survey in the streets of India asking which city was more modern, Mumbai and Shanghai, and Indian people chose Mumbai one after another. It is undeniable that India is accelerating its development in recent years and the urban construction is gradually improving, but There is still a big gap between Mumbai and Shanghai, and I don’t know where Indian people’s confidence comes from.Western countries, in order to satisfy the vanity of the Indian people, regularly boast about India.India has a large population base, which means it has a huge market potential, rich resources and cheap labor, how can not attract western countries?Therefore, a good relationship with India can expand the market in India and reap greater benefits, whether commercial profits or arms sales profits are not small sums.In addition, China is already the world’s largest economy, some western countries would like to see, but this is not so bragging about India, for India to sell all kinds of advanced weapons, restricting China’s development, but also to allow India to compete with China in various aspects, but western countries don’t realize that China’s development is unstoppable!So can India overtake China?According to the current situation, the possibility is very small. Although the two countries have a large population base, there is a big gap in the construction level.Although India is influenced by western society, but still retains the caste system, high caste and low caste has a fundamental inequality in the social status, low caste only career in some relatively low-end, and lower level of education, illiteracy rates are high, it will no benefit, social development can only be intensified social contradictions.In addition, India’s poor medical conditions can be seen in the ravages of COVID-19 in India, where the death toll is among the highest in the world.China after decades of development, both in economy and culture have made remarkable progress, industrial system is very perfect, covering all walks of life, and can realize the whole industrial chain in many fields of the research produced, while India’s modernization start is not late, not very rich, but so far the research produced also has a long road, such as the military side,India has long wanted to develop and produce its own equipment, which often disappoints the Indian army and ends up buying from other countries.So overall, India still has a long way to go to overtake China.