Women’s soccer wins beautiful, brings men’s soccer what introspection

2022-05-05 0 By

Today, is a good day, good news, first to attract the attention of the Chinese people is the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games grand opening.Today, the world’s focus is on China, and China’s focus is on Beijing.A great iceberg movement, snow movement, which knows no borders or races, has begun.While everyone is paying attention, another exciting and stirring good news this morning: China women’s football team, under extremely difficult circumstances, beat Japan and successfully qualified for the Final of the Asian Cup.What’s more, it happens to be the beginning of Spring, the 24 solar terms in China.For a while, three words went hand in hand to dominate the popular search: Beijing Winter Olympics, women’s football and start of Spring.The women’s win, the process, the hard work, compared to the men’s team, once cast doubt on the reliability of the saying that men can’t say no.Throughout the women’s game: women’s morale, women’s bravery, women’s obstinate, women’s struggle, show incisively and vividly, trance discovery: this is the spirit of our ancestors left behind, grasped the nettle and is not afraid of hardship, dare to struggle, dare to struggle, not afraid of the strong, upstream, never give up, overcome difficulties.After falling behind twice, The Chinese women’s football team drew level twice, chased after Japan twice, and finally defeated Japan in a penalty shoot-out, which won the hearts of the enemy, the Chinese people’s heartfelt admiration, and the world’s eyes.We congratulate them and love them from the bottom of our hearts.Men’s soccer?In China, to ask the sports event, let the Chinese people worry broken heart, that sports event, let the Chinese people again and again to encourage, disappointed, scold, comfort, refueling, encourage, disappointed, scold, comfort, encourage, disappointed, scold…Infinite cycle, it must be the national football team, it must be the men.We have never given up on men’s football, we have always believed that: Chinese men’s football will rise;We have always wanted the men’s team to rise up in our bones, and we have always encouraged him in our hearts, even when he disappointed again and again.Women’s soccer team’s victory, let us once again of the mind, to small make up as a member of the domestic support for the team’s, sincerely hope that the whole team’s system, including upstream and downstream of the supply chain related people, from the management and system, to the person, to the fight, and so on, thoroughly study the women’s team, we fight is not the team that the victory of a dozen people, is the desire of the China’s 1.4 billion people,It’s the dream of 1.4 billion people.