About 2000 yuan/month!Buy a house, will you consider the real estate with floor heating?

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I wish you all a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Tiger.Changsha snow, has been under several consecutive, after a short sunny day, changsha ushered in a big wave of cooling tomorrow, although the start of spring, but the cold is still continuing, heavy snow warning!People always joke that changsha has half a year of winter, and it is wet and cold. Even our friends in northeast China sigh that changsha is so cold that they can’t stand it.In the north, there are many kangs, air conditioners and floor heating, while in Changsha, where there is no central heating, people basically rely on shaking in winter.So, in Changsha installed floor heating/and selected in the heating house, it is really necessary!According to the understanding of sitan, changsha a lot of luxury plate has been popular with warm.With the demand of the market, more and more improved hardcover buildings are also basically standard with floor heating. In the future, floor heating will become the mainstream choice of Changsha families.Changsha’s inverted cold is coming, today’s good room take you inventory, 2022 Changsha these houses with floor heating, how to choose, look down!At present, China Resources Land Changsha Yue Fu is a hot flat floor product in the property market of Changsha. The house type is pure, and the hardcover standard is the high-end series in the “Yue” system of China Resources.The project is equipped with whole-house central air conditioning, “non-inductive hidden type” floor heating, combined with zoning temperature control, kitchen cooler, bathroom 3 in 1 heater, etc., to achieve physical comfort.Latest developments: pre-proposed 186, 218 and 256 flat non-blank houses, specific information to be determined.There is a representative of Yinxiang River in front of Yinxiang Mountain, and there is an advanced lifestyle of Yinxiang Mountain. Yinxiang Mountain is sincerely equipped with three health systems of “central air conditioning + floor heating + water purifier” on fine makeup, enabling comfortable home with science and technology.Latest developments: Western house about 15000 yuan/square meters, the main house is 142-178 square 4.Hengwei Yanghu ying2009 is after Hengwei Dongfeng ying1897, Chengfa Hengwei again to create the TOP sequence [ying] system.Yanghu core area, high-end pure improvement residential district.And as the first configuration of regional energy system project in Hunan, centralized cooling, heating, to create scientific and technological ecological health residence.Latest developments: in the sale of B17# construction area of 191.74 square meters housing, the average price of rough 14800-14900 yuan/square meters.Baishi Yunjing, located at the southeast corner of the interchange of Jinzhou Avenue and Huizhi Road, high-tech Zone, subway No.2 west extension line, Leifeng West station on the cover, self-built commercial.The project products are gree central air conditioning;Select brand linnei floor heating, bring safer, more energy saving, more comfortable life enjoyment, from now on completely bid farewell to the cold ground in winter!Latest developments: In the sale of 8#11#16# construction area of about 103-123 square meters of non-blank residential, the average price of blank 12000 yuan/square meters.The hardcover standard of changsha Ruyuan Phase II house is about 2500 yuan/square, including central air conditioning, power heating, fresh air system and other three major pieces.Among them, Hitachi, Weineng, Jiangshan Opai, boss, TOTO, Moen, Opu, Rogelang and many other well-known high-end brands at home and abroad.Latest developments: at present in the sale of a small number of construction area of about 109-148 flat residential, located in 1-6#, the average price of rough 9200 yuan/flat.The second phase of the sale of 148-191 flat house, located in 11#13#, non-blank average price of 1000-12500 yuan/flat.Pre-construction surface 148-191 non – blank house, other information to be determined.Orbital Vanke Yuefu, the first high-end product of Central China Vanke Yuefu, has achieved very bright sales results in the early stage.The project is a full-line home decoration brand, equipped with whole-house central air conditioning/floor heating/fresh air system, complete with three major pieces, warm in winter and cool in summer, fresh air, living experience will be much more comfortable than ordinary real estate.Latest developments: In the sale of 2#12#13#4# 115-169 flat non-blank housing, the average price of 14000-15000 yuan/ping, the first phase of the remaining two buildings, the promotion time to be determined.Jinmao Yuexiu · Yuhua Jinmao Smart Science City 2021 key project, the first batch of land project of Yatang New City urban operation Project in Yuhua District — Jinmao Yuexiu · Yuhua Jinmao Smart Science City.The project takes fine decoration delivery, the selection of kohler, Hitachi, Bosch, Rogelang, Geberi, Jiangshan Opai and other international and domestic first-line brands.Equipped with Hitachi Restaurant wind pipe machine + Grohe/Kohler sanitary ware system + Bosch whole house floor heating system + Geberi same-floor drainage, living feeling upgrade.Latest developments: a-1 # and A-3# are for sale. The average price is 15500 YUAN/ping.New Year’s Day this year, Sitan in relatives feel the warm, can only say: really sweet!Therefore, I really want to say that in Changsha to buy a house, floor heating is still very necessary to include the purchase demand.In particular, the equipment of floor heating is very important to improve and improve the quality of life, of course, the cost of living is also!At present, a house of about 100 square meters in Changsha costs about 2,000 yuan for electricity for a month using a gas-fired wall-mounted stove with floor heating.Do you want underfloor heating?How much would you be willing to pay for a month’s heating?Comment area, leave a message with us ~ writing: Good room hui sitan editor/review: good room hui si qiao article source: Xiangjiang Good room hui (wechat public number XJ-HFH) Content description: original content, good room hui authorized synchronous recommendation.The content of the article is only the property market research, market research or hot concerns, some housing enterprises or real estate recommended information for reference only, does not form the purchase offer conditions.Relevant real estate planning, price and supporting changes or changes, the developer site announced information shall prevail!The data of house type in this paper are all floor area.All the picture information in the article, in addition to mark the corresponding source, are provided for the corresponding real estate or good house original works.Copyright @ Hunan Funun Technology & Xiangjiang Good House.If there is any doubt or improper information, please send a private letter to the good housing remittance.