Congratulations to Yang Ming!CBA Shenyang competition area turns round, record desk reports finished, new foreign teachers to the team

2022-05-06 0 By

On February 12, Beijing time, according to CBA basketball media reporter Jiangnan city, the latest news shows that the Shenyang division has reported to the CBA League on February 10, the third phase of the field record desk information, and hotels and venues are also actively preparing.Actually the third stage of the regular season CBA down shenyang is no longer a secret, as early as during the second stage of the competition, has emerged in the third phase of the league in shenyang run competitions, and has said publicly, Mr. Hope league in front of the third stage, can play a good result, racing for a replacement,This also means that the third stage in Shenyang competition has no suspense.However, due to a recent period of sudden environmental factors, the shenyang competition area has changed.The CBA league is likely to adopt an emergency plan, and the third stage will continue to be held in Changchun, with changchun and Foshan double division. Therefore, when all liaoning men’s basketball fans have given up hope for the home court, the result is at this critical moment.The city of jiangnan, a famous informant in the domestic basketball circle, has sent a major good news. The disclosure of this news will play a decisive role in the championship of Liaoning men’s basketball team this season.After the third phase of the league start, if the liaoning men’s basketball team can be in shenyang, the third stage of team performance can be guaranteed, it can lock in the regular season for the liaoning men’s basketball championship, more the playoffs laid a foundation, to ensure a good place, avoid some teams meet in advance, what is more important for playoff game to improve self-confidence,This is definitely a good news for Liaoning men’s basketball team, and the third stage in Shenyang division, Jiang Xingquan can also personally sit, this is a positive chain reaction.And shenyang if run competitions goes well this time, later don’t rule out the possibility of the playoffs stage also is expected to be in shenyang, but if cancel the shenyang, liaoning men’s basketball team not only various advantage can’t guarantee, more let a team in the playoffs buried hidden trouble, guangdong men’s basketball team at present personnel equipped with complete in succession, so guangdong men’s basketball team has the capability of the third stage big more,Liaoning men’s basketball team can not be taken lightly, if liaoning men’s basketball team in the third stage once dumb fire, but by Guangdong men’s basketball team played a beautiful counter-attack, hit the morale, liaoning men’s basketball team in the future playoffs against Guangdong there is no special chance of victory.Therefore, the chance to keep the Shenyang division is a timely good news for Liaoning men’s basketball team to win the championship this season. We also hope that the third stage of CBA League will start as scheduled, and we look forward to Yang Ming seizing the opportunity to lead Liaoning men’s basketball team to win the second championship in history.