Liu Jianhong: The youth football training has to pull strings and give red envelopes. Only Xu Genbao does practical things in Chinese football

2022-05-06 0 By

Liu Jianhong, a former CCTV host, went live for the first time after China’s football team lost to Vietnam, giving his feelings and comments after the match.They think the present situation of Chinese football is: football coach wants to get license to “back door”, the referee has many “black-box”, youth team selection will “red envelope” from childhood, including youth coach number and college coaches, professional coaches are like this, and the system of football is like this.Not one person has come to me with this problem over the decades that I’ve been in the business, but countless people have said it. It’s not an individual case, it’s a very, very common problem, and the current youth system is rotten.When it comes to youth training, Liu jianhong is very approved of Xu Genbao’s Chongming base. He said that in the starting line-up against Vietnam, 5 players came from Genbao’s youth training base and 4 were naturalized players. At this point, Liu jianhong asked: What did the Chinese Football Association do?What did the provincial football Association do?What have professional football clubs done?Dalian, Qingdao, Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Yanbian, Guangdong once proud of the youth training are gone.Talking about Xu Genbao, Liu Jianhong admitted that he had a very good personal relationship with himself, and showed the chat records between himself and Xu Genbao in the live broadcast.Not only that, Liu Jianhong said that the Chinese Football Association has also recommended xu Genbao as the director of youth training of Chinese football, gradually copy 10, 100, 1000 such coaches as Xu Genbao, the Chinese football youth training system, so that Chinese football has hope.When it comes to the development of Chinese football in the future, Liu Jianhong thinks that we can no longer go on as before, because there is no hope at all. We must be steadfast and work hard for decades to get out of the trough, which will take at least 30 years.