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On February 7, Beijing Time, Gu Ailing of women’s freestyle ski platform qualification of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, two steady performance, a jump error, qualified for the final with the total score of fifth.Gu got off to a good start with her Olympic debut in Beijing.Gu will compete in three events at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The big platform is not her strongest event, but she can also compete for a gold medal.Gu was in a good frame of mind and scored an excellent first jump of 89.0 points, the third best of all skiers, followed by Tess Ryder (90.50) and Kirsty Muir (89.25).Gu’s second jump was very difficult, with good take-off and air movements, but she made a mistake in landing and dropped her skateboards. She only got 24.50 points in the end.Gu took a steady third jump to score 72.25 points.Gu ranked fifth with a total of 161.25 points.Megan Oldham of Canada finished first with 171.25 points after scoring 91.25 on her second jump, the highest score of the qualifying round.Oldham is gu Ailing’s big rival for the crown.Another Chinese player, Yang Shuorui, ranked 20th with 96.00 points, out of the top 12.Gu Is in a good mood. Her hands are bigger than her heart and she blows kisses.The optimistic and talented teenager made her Olympic debut.Qualifying doesn’t matter, just getting to the final.Qualification was a surprise as 19-year-old Estonian Kylie Sildaru made mistakes on both her first and third jumps and finished 17th with 125.50 points.Gu’s popularity was so high that she topped the list of most popular searches on Weibo, even though it was only a qualifier.