World Surprise: Egypt VS Senegal, salah refused to go out, can beat the strong opposition

2022-05-06 0 By

The first leg of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Africa will be played by Egypt and Senegal at 03:30 GMT.Egypt, led by Mohamed Salah, host new African Cup winners Senegal.For the home side, Egypt have Africa’s biggest star in Salah, but were runners-up at the Africa Cup of Nations.And the visiting team is the Africa Cup of Nations champion Senegal, the number one star is Manet!This service Egypt can overcome the strong opponent to qualify for the World Cup, let us analyze one by one!Egypt, one of Africa’s biggest players and the most prolific winners of the Africa Cup of Nations, has a lot of experience.Egypt is also the first African team to qualify for the World Cup finals, which is unique in Africa!Egypt, however, seemed to have a strong side, but they reached the final of this year’s Africa Cup of Nations, losing to Senegal, and were clearly inferior overall.Line-up, the biggest star is of course Liverpool star Salah.The 30-year-old Egyptian striker has been in superb form this season, scoring 20 goals and 10 assists for Liverpool and being one of the most dominant players in the Premier League.Salah is the most expensive player in the Africa Cup of Nations.As for the midfield, Arsenal player Elneny is also very famous, although not the first team but the strength is not to be underestimated.Of course, Egypt’s squad looks good, but their attacking ability is very limited, with only 2 goals in regular time in the last 5 rounds.Senegal is currently ranked 18th in the world and is one of the strongest teams in Africa.Look at Senegal squad you know, most famous, of course, is Liverpool star within 10 ma, and Chelsea’s starting keeper door, and a greater midfielder gaye, Naples centre-back coulibaly, bayern Munich defender sal, 6 players leicester city midfielder di door, villarreal center,Almost all the players come from the top five leagues, and the squad alone is one of the best in Africa!However, Senegal has many stars, but the squad is not fit, the entire African Cup of Nations group stage 3 games, Senegal only beat Zimbabwe in the first game by Manet a penalty, the rest of the game did not score.But fortunately, the team is too luxurious, a little run-in can play a good strength, in the final of the eighth of Senegal by a clear advantage of the elimination of Cape Verde, eventually all the way to win, fully proved their strength!Senegal were the stronger side in terms of overall strength, but it is doubtful whether Egypt will be able to draw on the experience of their African Cup of Nations defeat.Match prediction: Both teams are tied.Dish mouth recommendation: Senegal +0 goal