2-1 reverse!Gasperini came on to finish five games without a win, with Jim Sidi scoring twice in a row

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Atalanta host Olympiacos in the first leg of the Uefa Europa League knock-out play-off at 4am on February 18.Atalanta are an aggressive team who have finished a moderate fifth in Serie A this season.Atalanta, however, have not been in good form recently, winning five games in all competitions and almost winning their last game against Juve, only to be denied a draw that turned three points into one.After only four days’ rest, Atalanta will play again, which is not a small test of the players’ fitness.Atalanta’s opponents are Olympiakos who are in first place in the Premiership.Of course, with Atalanta’s quality and at home, this game has to go.This game gasperini out of the 3421 formation.Musso is the starting goalkeeper.Toroy, DeMilal and Jimsiti play in a back three.Mellor, de Jonn, Pessina and Pezela form a midfield 4.The attacking trident of Malinowski, Pasalic and Muriel came together.Mihaira, Kupmenas and Boga are all on the bench.Muriel had a good chance in the seventh minute when he shot wide from inside the penalty area.Eight minutes later, Olympiakos scored!Masoulas passes the ball across to Tigenio Suarez.Tiginio Suarez cut straight inside and hit a long range shot that slipped into the bottom right corner of the net.Atlanta, lagging behind, had to step up its game.In the 23rd minute, Muriel forced the ball into the penalty area to cut and shoot, the goalkeeper confiscated the ball.After that, Atalanta kept attacking and could not find the net. Finally, Pessina scored a goal, but it was disallowed for offside.Atlanta was down 1-0 at halftime.Atalanta had 76 percent possession in the first half and missed nine shots on goal.Olympiakos scored his only shot on target in the first half.In the second half, gasperini sent on Kupmenas and Boga.The substitution worked.The 60 th minute, substitute Kupmenas corner kick, Jim Siti header, the ball bounced into the far corner of the goal!It was a header from such a tricky Angle that the goalkeeper could not save it.Gasperini was a change of heart.Two minutes later, Atalanta scored again!It was Jim Siti again, volleyed in from inside the box.Jim Siti scored two goals to put Atalanta back in the lead.In the 78th minute, Mwila volleyed wide from the front of the penalty area.Atalanta came from behind to beat Olympiacos 2-1.Atlanta ended 5 games without a win, finally out of the cycle.For more exciting content, follow football Dog