3-0!Yan bingtao swept Higgins, winning three games in a row after losing to Zhao xintong, and the four-time world champion was clearly out of the running

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On February 5, Beijing time, Yan Bingtao faced the legendary Higgins in the 21/22 Snooker Champions League championship group match, and finally swept the 3-0 victory.However, higgins, a four-time world champion, is clearly in doubt as he has already advanced to the semi-finals and will also meet Yan in the semi-finals.Yan bingtao is born in the 2000s. Although he has won the Masters, he is still a novice in front of Higgins.Before this service, two people already beat 4 strong, both sides can relax state of mind.The first game, Yan Bingtao single 73 points to win the first game.In the second set, Yan bingtao also played very relaxed, quickly got the start, 66-16, Yan Bingtao again, a 2-0 lead.Courtside, Yan Bingtao calm drink water, and Higgins is also very calm.Higgins knew that even with this loss, he would still face Yan in the semifinals.Since Higgins is ranked no. 2 and Yan No. 3, the two will play each other directly in the semifinals.In the third set, Yan bingtao took the lead again. After 64-0, Yan missed a simple red ball, which was a surprise.Fortunately, Higgins obviously fighting desire to strengthen, Yan Bingtao finally rallied, 102-8, Yan Bingtao swept Higgins 3-0, get the victory!This competition, 7 people to win the championship, Yan Bingtao and 6 people to fight first, lock the qualification of the 4 strong.He lost 3-2 to Bingham before Yan beat Liang wenbo 3-0 for a crucial victory.Yan then lost 3-2 to Zhao, losing again to zhao after the German Masters.Yan swept both Donaldson and Dott 3-0.At this point, Yan Bingtao also locked the 4 strong qualification.Now, Yan bingtao swept the legendary Star Higgins 3-0, 4-2 in 6 matches, and Yan bingtao beat Higgins, he is now no. 2, while Higgins is no. 3, however, the situation will not change in the semifinals of the two meet again!After losing to Zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao won 3 consecutive games, all 3-0!