A decline: big face younger sister to a decline to show off, a decline laugh at big face younger sister, but by big face younger sister refute

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Hello everyone, welcome to today’s ah-ai-online.In today’s story, a sister with a big face confesses that she has overdone her swimming.Did not expect to be abandoned by a failure, a failure said big face sister childish.But big face sister also don’t let the failure, a word to the failure said speechless, after listening to the failure, ashamed to want to find a hole drilled up.So what did big face sister say to Ah shuai?Let’s see!”This day, big face younger sister to a decline to exclaim, their own swimming class.But Ah Shuai, who had been swimming in the river since childhood, asked if it was in a swimming pool.Big face younger sister immediately abandon a decline up, of course, is in the swimming pool, the river outside how dirty.Big face girl can’t look at swimming in the river!Big face younger sister feel the river is very dirty, in fact, big face younger sister said there is a certain truth, the river what microbes have, in case into their own body, but will get sick!Hear big face younger sister say, a decline not convinced!Is the pool so clean?A decline immediately to the Internet search, as expected, got the answer you want.There’s a lot of urine in the pool!Ah shuai also has a point. Nowadays, many people have the bad habit of peeing in swimming pools, which is the main cause of water pollution in swimming pools.Then She laughed at her big face, swimming in her urine all the time. It was too much!Strong big face younger sister is so laughed at by a decline, where can stand?Big face younger sister immediately counterattack, say a failure every day fart pollution air, that say, big face younger sister also every day in fart breathing!This can be too damage, ah decline heard after as expected speechless, want to find a hole to hide!For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing