Capital expansion clinch a deal, Shandong construction survey group introduced Zetai agricultural holdings of 15%

2022-05-07 0 By

The economic herald reporter Sun ronan on 27 January, shandong property rights trading center of shandong construction group co., LTD., increase endowment spread, clinch a deal announcement shall be disclosed, December 30, 2021, shandong building can be group co., LTD. With its stakeholders in shandong Collins investment co., LTD., the investor ze tai in shandong agricultural science and technology co., LTD., a capital increase agreement,Shandong Zetai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has invested 56.16618 million yuan, and its shareholding ratio is 15% after the capital increase.According to the previous information of Shandong Property Rights Exchange Center, Shandong Jianhan Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, turned into an enterprise management institution in 1986, changed into an enterprise unit in April 2010, transferred to Shandong Guohui in 2016, and completed the corporate restructuring in December 2017.Mainly engaged in geotechnical engineering survey, design, consultation, construction, monitoring, architectural engineering design, engineering appraisal and reinforcement design, urban and rural planning, mapping and geographic information system engineering and other services.