Putin praised China for sending more than 500 russians to the Winter Olympics

2022-05-07 0 By

The final countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics is under way with less than five days to go.Delegations from around the world have already arrived in Beijing and moved into the village. During the games, all athletes will be put under closed-loop management to ensure public health safety during the Games.As one of the world powers in snow and ice sports, the Russian delegation is bound to be all eyes.Russia’s team is very large it is reported that the number of the team sent by Russia has more than 500 people.What is certain is that the Russian delegation will be the largest and largest in the history of these And the World Winter Olympics.Russian Ambassador to China Denisov announced the news at a press conference on March 25.He said that as a Long-time Russian resident of Beijing, both the Russian and Chinese teams will have his support.The move is a testament to the close ties between the two countries and a strong endorsement of China’s hosting of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.Putin said late last year that he would attend the Beijing Winter Olympics as scheduled, saying it would be “the right decision” to attend.China has said it would welcome Putin as the first foreign leader to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.Putin, who once described himself as an “expert” in making dumplings, is spending the Spring Festival holiday in China, an experience he will remember for a lifetime.Some say no to the guest can have today the development of china-russia relations and achievement, the first is the leaders of the two countries and people’s joint efforts, the second is to “thank you” in the United States and the western countries for many years of extreme pressure and hegemonism, which makes this very friendly relations between China and Russia go closer and closer, until today’s brothers, all thanks to the United States.The United States and its Western Allies have been working hard to discredit And smear China. In addition to boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics, they have also claimed that China will monitor athletes and, if warranted, “warned” athletes not to bring mobile phones and other personal communication devices to China.But now, as the Winter Olympics approach, this part of the country has suddenly changed its face.The United States, which has long said it would boycott the Beijing Olympics, recently announced it would send a 222-member delegation to the games.Lithuania, whose diplomatic relations have been downgraded to charge d ‘affaires, recently said it would send its largest-ever contingent to Beijing for the Games.Part of the information reference source: thepaper.cn