Recommended meat pigeon mobile games in 2022

2022-05-07 0 By

Pigeon game, also known as Roguelike, belongs to a branch of RPG (role playing) games, which is characterized by randomness of generation, one-way progression, irreversibility, nonlinear game, simplicity of picture, and system complexity.It is because of these unpredictable changes that it is more popular, so today let’s recommend a few meat pigeon games, familiar with the Vitality of the Knight, rebirth of cells, the night of the full moon these hot recommendation will not be repeated!Matter and Magic is a single-player game featuring card building, Roguelike, real-time combat and a small open world.In the game, the player, as a human called by the creator, leads the human to resist the invasion of external forces and return to prosperity.In the game players use different heroes to match freely, more than 100 types of monsters need to be defeated.Common meat pigeon play, the most important is not only the game body feeling is good, and operation to force the conscience of manufacturers, this is really very few.”Lost Castle” is transplanted into steam’s domestic online Roguelike+ side-scrolling action adventure game of the same name.You take on the role of a treasure hunter who steps into Harwood Castle. During the game, you search for the root of the evil in Harwood Castle and defeat the root, while doing the things that treasure hunters do in the castle.The player collects up to 200 weapons to drop randomly during the quest, and each of these weapons has its own displacement action and attack skill.The ability to plug in 4 players makes the game experience more enjoyable;The player can also unlock skin achievements while collecting the map.Beatsquad is a Roguelike+TPS game developed by Kunpo.In the game, players draw cards, check in, currency exchange to gain roles, so as to control different team members to play the game, explore various planets, in the process of getting powerful props and equipment, defeat the enemy and finally save the endangered galaxy.In the game, players can collect equipment, characters to fill their own map, complete achievements to receive rewards;Most of the items you want to get can be obtained by liver, but it should be noted that because the game is not a buyout system and the amount of money is very small, there will be a lot of small ads, which will indeed bring players a bad game experience.There are many more roguelikes out there to be discovered, and it is this gameplay mode that has become so popular that more and more mobile games are adding it to the mix.