To 2022 a cup of wine, let the years love, do not urge people old

2022-05-07 0 By

2022, is willing to: someone to treat you as before, hurt you, from deep feeling not to be disappointed.Wish: life less sour, more happiness, from then on is satisfied.To 2022 a cup of wine, hope to come is perfect, hope to leave is bitter, hope to accompany is true love, hope to disappear is suffering.To 2022 a cup of wine, take away all my sorrow, clear my heart pain.Let the year be in peace, let every day smile.To 2022 a cup of wine, all the sadness followed, all the rumors disappeared.Friends who live well with each other, lovers will soon be married.Toast 2022 a cup of wine, so that the future life, better and better, so that this year’s money, more and more.Give me a lucky, let me get it, give me a surprise, let me no longer dream.Toast 2022 a cup of wine, pour out is happy, drink is happiness.I hope this year will go smoothly, without so much pain and loneliness for so long.A toast to 2022, more and more people are willing to care about me, and less and less people are willing to calculate me.May my efforts not be in vain, and may my efforts be rewarded with success.Toast 2022 a cup of wine, from now on shoulder responsibility is no longer heavy, from now on shed tears someone love dearly.Since then, this year, no natural disasters, no scheming struggle, there are beautiful everywhere, always have laughter.Here’s a toast to 2022. I’ll do it first. You’ll do what you can!May the years love, do not urge people old, wish the rest of my life longer, no longer sad!