What about dog food?How to look at the dog food parameters?

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What do dog owners care about most?It must be the dog’s diet, and choosing the right kind of food for your dog is something that the pooper always cares about.What about dog food?How to look at the parameters of dog food?Let’s talk about it today!Learning to read the dog food parameters is very important to help you learn to pick the right dog food faster.First let’s take a look at the national standard of dog food GB/T 31216-2014 parameters: (1) national standard requirements of crude protein: adult dog ≥18%, puppy ≥22%.Generally speaking, the crude protein content in 26%-35% is appropriate, preferably animal protein, dogs better digest.And dog crude protein too much, will lead to dog indigestion, soft bowel movements, diarrhea, etc.;Too little will affect dog development.(2) crude fat national standard requirements: adult dog is ≥5.0%, puppy ≥8.0%.In general, 13 to 18 percent crude fat is best.Because the right amount of fat can improve a dog’s hair, intelligence, and resistance;Too little can affect your dog’s physical development.(3) Crude fiber national standard requirements: minimum ≤9.0%, no maximum value.Although this ingredient can’t be absorbed by dogs, it will help them move their intestines, improve digestion and help shape poop.However, it should be noted that the proportion should not exceed 9% (4) Water-soluble chloride national standard requirements: adult ≥0.09%, puppies ≥0.45%.Water soluble chloride, generally salt content.Dogs do not need to eat too much salt, because it is easy to lose hair, tears, kidney problems, but also can not eat salt, otherwise it will affect the health.So water-soluble chloride in dog food should be selected to see if it meets the national standards.(5) Ash gb requirements: minimum ≤10%.A good dog food should contain no more than 10% ash, because ash is the residue from dog food processing.The only dog food with too many additives that has a high ash content is a bad dog food.(6) Calcium phosphorus ratio calcium: adult dog ≥0.6%, puppies ≥1.0% national standard phosphorus:Adult dog ≥0.5%, puppy ≥0.8% dog food calcium phosphorus ratio is very important, calcium phosphorus balance, can protect the dog bone health, and too high or too low, will affect the dog absorption, so the most appropriate ratio of calcium phosphorus ratio should be 1.1:1 — 1.4:1 through the above learn how to choose dog food and see the dog food parameters, choose dog food is much easier,Pet owners can buy dog food according to their budget and needs.Buying rations is best if the economy is good, but domestic production is also good.Because imported grain has transportation costs, customs duties, agent authorization fees, etc., it needs money, so it sells so expensive in China.And the national grain is not these, so the national grain 20-30 a catty follow-up ration 50-60 a catty, the quality can be said to be about the same.In addition, in recent years, national grain production has entered the stage of rapid development, so it does not hinder the try national grain production.Like small make up recently noticed a windy domestic dog food, “chan not greasy gluten-free foods”, a variety of meat formula, is rich in protein, and open the test report and material proportion, raw material sources, etc., all kinds of dog food parameters meet the national standard, or contract – han’s three big domestic high-end dog food production, the quality for this,Greedy dog food was rated as “Top ten quality brands in China pet food industry” by China International Brand Development Committee, even Jon Chen recommended on the program, absolutely trustworthy!Conclusion: HOPE the above dog food selection method and dog food parameters standard, can help you!