What’s changed and what’s not: Will it be an off-year for investing?

2022-05-07 0 By

Yan Xiaofeng: The epidemic has entered a new normal and economic growth has entered adjustment. Then, how do we invest this year to ensure that our wealth does not shrink?Three, investment, one against the previous two years, investment should be conservative, that this would be a investment off-year in order to resist disease, global central Banks are in the water rescue, the stock market is a “rose”, house prices is a “rose” word, price is also a word “rose” – last year, the average inflation rate in the developed countries are at about 4.7%, 6.8% higher in the United States.That means it’s not just the Fed that’s going to raise rates. Most central banks in the developed world are going to be thinking about raising rates.In 2022, China’s macro monetary policy will turn loose, and there will be 2-4 times of RRR and interest rate cuts throughout the year.The U.S., on the other hand, will have at least three more rate increases, starting in March.To this end, there are several judgments on investment: 1. Central banks in western countries are raising interest rates, the stock market and the real estate market are facing adjustment, so investors should be cautious.2. The divergence in monetary policy between China and the US, with the US facing the threat of inflation and China facing the difficulty of boosting consumption and investment.3, us dollar interest rate rise into an upward channel, RMB depreciation pressure.4. In the real estate market, north American housing price, interest rate hike is imminent, and Canadian housing mortgage has entered a rising cycle.Will China’s real estate market usher in an Indian Summer?A month ago, I answered my fans that there would be an Indian Summer in infrastructure and real estate.Now it is necessary to clarify that Indian Summer does not represent the return of housing prices into a rising channel.Real estate just went from cold to a long, hard winter.Housing prices in some cities are now beyond the limits of the middle-income group, which is bad for manufacturing, innovation and especially population growth in the long run.Investing in yourself investing in yourself is always a money-losing business.There are many ways to invest in yourself: for example, women invest in themselves to become more beautiful;Men invest in themselves to be intellectually attractive;For example, you can go to some training and learning, enrich your ability, broaden your horizon, stand in a higher perspective, may be able to see different scenery, change the future situation.A strong self, able to face all the unpredictable future, this is the safest investment.Finally, one thing remains the same in 2022: it’s going to be a turbulent year in international politics, because as soon as the epidemic subsides, someone starts messing up.Economically, the issued debt must still exist, and the way of driving the economy with high debt must pay the price sooner or later. High inflation is inevitable, and the finance and economics of issuing debt must be repaid. Modern monetary theory must return to common sense after all.Investment, the West is not bright, the East is bright, the United States is off-year, A shares may usher in an Indian Summer, just haven’t seen it yet, but considering this year A number of events to be held, the stock market dare weak performance?What remains unchanged is the value investment theory. No matter how the international political and economic situation changes, the core competitiveness of an enterprise is where the value lies and the anchor to measure the value.To return to an investment cliche, the stock market is a voting machine in the short term, but a weighing machine in the long term.When I visited Germany ten years ago, a tourist guide named Liu Ge told me that as long as There were Mercedes Benz and BMW, Germans would not worry about retirement.Similarly, whether you invest in U.S. stocks or A-shares, as long as you hold the stocks of the most competitive companies in the world for A long time, you don’t have to worry about retirement.Chinese New Year begins after the Spring Festival!I wish you all a happy start to the year and a successful end of the year.