10 years in love!A firefighter in Guizhou province used a zipline to stage the “most romantic” proposal

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A romantic marriage proposal ceremony was held on Valentine’s Day in guanling County, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, Feb. 14, 2018.

The heroine of this romantic ceremony is a girl from Guanling who has known and loved each other since high school.The two have been together for less than 10 months.In the past 10 years, my boyfriend has never had time to give his girlfriend a birthday because of his work, but she never complained and supported his work very much.
Bangs island recall: “have said that they do not understand romance, do not understand the sense of love in the ceremony, feel guilty bangs island has been looking for an opportunity to a romantic proposal.”Just “Valentine’s Day” the wife came to visit the team, so he reported the situation to the unit leadership.After getting the support of the cadre of the team station, the teammates actively give advice and soon finalized a surprise romantic proposal “plan”.

In order to achieve the desired effect, teammates have their own special skills: blowing up balloons, placing candles and laying out the red carpet.At the same time shoulder the responsibility of director, planner, lighting engineer, photographer, sound effects, as long as we can provide a romantic atmosphere, everything is arranged in place.

That night, Liu Island in the training tower on the arrival of girlfriend, girlfriend in the team led down to the camp assembly, was stunned by the scene.I saw liu Island dressed in rescue clothing holding flowers from the sky appeared in front of her, Liu Island holding the woman’s hand, two people stepping on the red carpet to advance the layout of the site.At this point, the speaker broadcast Karen Mok’s “so many people in the world”, “so many people in the world, how lucky I have a we……”Bangs island in the sound of music kneel down on one knee, loudly say: “Xiao Yun, marry me?”He expressed himself incoherently because of his excitement. It took a few seconds for the woman to react and blurt out “I do”.This long – distance love ended, transfer to the train of marriage.

In the blessing sound, the two embrace together happily.As the Internet often said: the left hand to hold you, the right hand salute!You protect the country, I watch over you!This may be the most loving statement a fire rescue worker and a fire wife can say to each other.
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