After the divorce, the word “wild” came out all over her.

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Hello everyone!Recently and quietly into the book shortage situation, as an old fan xiaobian this is also condescending.Today xiaobian continue to introduce good novels to small friends, let the book fans see addicted friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: “bosses after divorce her wild over” after the divorce her body is sending out the word “wild” after the divorce bosses her wild turned “the author: don’t laugh the whole introduction:” bosses after divorce her wild over “after the divorce her body is sending out the word” wild “, “the divorce agreement from President, little lady.””Oh, how much alimony?””Young lady said she gave you alimony.”Two years ago, he saw her: sweet, pure and obedient, fit for home display.What she saw was a workaholic, good-looking man who was sure he wouldn’t bother herself.How to get into a pit: What’s he kidding?”The sugar Beauty thing, I already know.””If you’re scared, well, you tell me, and I’ll solve it.”That is, if you behave yourself.Su Yan Mo: “…”What was he thinking?”Something is wrong.”She gave him a cold look, feeling that talking to him was casting pearls before swine, and turned away.Nancy stopped the car, followed her, and reminded her, “What happens between husband and wife…””We’re not a couple.”Su Yan Mo paused, turned to stare at him, the eyes fierce, “and, do not follow me.”Si Nanque also stopped walking and stood there.It was already past twelve o ‘clock in the morning, and there were only occasional cars coming into the service area to rest.The service area is quiet without a sound, so quiet su Yan Mo’s words appear more impressive.Si Nanque’s face tightened slightly.Well, if she’s still stubborn, then let her.Bright white headlights from the distance, the si Nanque figure pulled long, has been covered with su Yan Mo’s shadow.Two people so look at each other, Su Yan Mo did not half of the meaning of help.Car lights direct to Su Yan Mo’s body, like the stage of the bundle of lights in general, with her personal color.Pretty face, pretty features, cold apricot eyes.Nancy said nothing and turned back to the car.Su Yan Mo was still standing there, watching him get on the bus.Married in secret for two years, they have no intersection, he now think what?Husband and wife?Where was she ever married to him?Before.She got into her car…”Su Yan Mo.”Nancy pressed down the window and put one hand on the steering wheel. “I’m waiting for you to beg me.”Su Yan Mo heard this, it was to explode.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What else would you like to read?You can comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, looking forward to your comments.She said, “Uncle…”, he peered sideways at her small long abdomen: call husband!Paranoid man to death will not stop her stripped naked, he smiled at her: baby……”Take this woman down, beat, bone, raise, ash”, crazy male hero: black!