Dinwiddie and Doncic!Porzingis joined the Wizards, the Mavericks inside depth of concern

2022-05-08 0 By

The Mavericks traded Porzingis and a second-round pick to the Wizards for Dinwiddie and Bertans at the NBA trade deadline.The deal was a surprise because porzingis left the Mavericks with less depth, and it was a surprise that the Mavericks traded porzingis and a second-rounder when Dinwiddie and Bertans weren’t as good this season.Dinwiddie this season and Andrew bell played very depressed, including dinwiddie did not, so far, the new season in the wizards can only get 12.6 points and 4.7 rebounds, 5.8 assists, and only shooting 37.6% from the 3-point percentage is as low as 31%, in the game he has repeatedly hit the performance of the hip, individual performance,I didn’t feel anything like I did before I got hurt.Bertans, the former sharpshooter, has also been a disappointment this season.So far this season, he’s averaging 5.7 points, 1.8 rebounds and 0.5 assists per game, shooting 35 percent from the 3-point line, his best shot, and shooting 31.9 percent, a career low.Bertans has been at the very end of the Wizards’ lineup, meaning he hasn’t been able to play in many games.Porzingis is better than Dinwiddie and Bertans this season, averaging 19.2 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2 assists, 0.7 steals and 1.7 blocks on 45.1 percent shooting.In the game, Porzingis has repeatedly got 30+ and 25+ performance, personal play is fairly good, in the defensive end also has a better performance.He’s only played 34 games this season because of injuries and poor attendance, which is his usual problem.Even so, the Mavericks’ decision to trade Porzingis for Dinwiddie and Bertans was a surprise.Porzingis, of course, will get more ball in Washington than he did with the Mavericks, and he can be the center of the team and hopefully put up better numbers.Dinwiddie and Bertans will also play important roles for the Mavericks, with Dinwiddie teaming up with Doncic in the backcourt and Bertans looking to reignite his shooting touch.As for the Mavericks, they need to strengthen their interior, because the team’s own depth is mediocre, and traded porzingis, which made the team’s depth hit again.I don’t think the Mavericks will go far in the playoffs this season if they can’t bolster their interior.