“If I’m not married, I’m just a child.” A 28-year-old sister-in-law and her sister-in-law were slapped in the face by her 5-year-old niece when they asked for lucky money

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It is said that a married woman is hard to do in the past, in fact is, after marry in the past will face is not only a husband, a man, but his family, there are also some people often said to choose marriage, you are not married to your husband, but married to his family, this sentence also has his reason, interpersonal relationship is inherently difficult to handle,The relationship between relatives is even more difficult to clarify, let alone between relatives who are not related by blood.When it comes to the first contradiction that a daughter-in-law faces, people will think of the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is indeed difficult to deal with. Many families cannot survive because of this, but the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law does not mean that other contradictions are simple.Actually there is no conflict between most of the time period, after all, everyone would have their own family, but there are exceptions, some do XiaoGuZi always will feel the arrival of the sister-in-law is robbed themselves have love, and some people are naturally aura, but tit for tat is not always the right thing to do,This approach will only make the relationship worse and worse, so that the family becomes shaky, complementary interruption is sometimes the best way to solve the problem.Liu Xi has not been on good terms with her sister-in-law for a long time. They are very different in their living habits. Liu Xi does not want to live in quarrels every day, so she can put up with some things and let them go.The sister-in-law who always has something to do.Actually in the beginning and diffuseness between she and XiaoGuZi, after all that time two was a stranger, and for people who don’t know, man’s temper is always better, until Liu Xi married her husband wang, real life together, each other’s living habits between different makes their period of the contradiction between more and more,Even to the back of the sister-in-law will deliberately look for trouble liu Xi.Liu Xi is a neat freak, she can’t see the mess in the house, she always can’t help cleaning up the house, she likes the way the family is always neat.And XiaoGuZi is different, what things are all right, dirty clothes and laundry also don’t know, save a bunch of socks are washed again, and there is a fault in XiaoGuZi is on a whim, no matter what time will begin to pick up the room at night, once more than 1 point in the middle of the night she couldn’t sleep, began to tidy up his room, tinkling noisy couldn’t sleep,Liu Xi said she two sentences, XiaoGuZi wasn’t so happy, also XiaoGuZi outspoken when the person speaking to whatever you like, she told Liu Xi she do things on their own without the outsiders to come over, she said these words out natural was wang scold a meal, they this gu sister-in-law relationship is also from then began to deteriorate.And XiaoGuZi this person special picky, onion ginger garlic don’t eat, don’t eat all the vegetables, meat, only eat pork, don’t eat seafood, let other people don’t know how to cook, no matter what others do meal she is fastidious, all unhappy write directly on the face, don’t want to eat also blind bala rice there, sometimes even directly flow chopsticks leave,In Liu Xi’s opinion, this is extremely impolite. A person who does not cook has no position to pick and choose, and this practice will only make others feel cold when others have worked hard to cook.And also found Liu Xi XiaoGuZi these problems is a complete solution is used, even if it is done such a thing to her parents-in-law rarely blame XiaoGuZi, say what is all she was small, Liu Xi heard this actually in the mind also very helpless, XiaoGuZi already graduated from college, if you can’t stay at home to look for a job, in-laws these practices,It will only make her sister-in-law become more and more arrogant, which will not help her grow up. Unfortunately, they will not adopt Liu Xi’s advice.Liu Xi XiaoGuZi robs, XiaoGuZi blame Liu Xi meddling, XiaoGuZi this man always think of what to do, don’t like Liu Xi will deliberately make discovery ambushes to her, once XiaoGuZi intentionally in Liu Xi ready meal, put more salt Liu Xi vomited out on the spot, the bite XiaoGuZi sneer at one side of said let Liu Xi not picky about food,It is not a good habit to waste food, and her husband Wang Min would come out to help Liu Xi and tell her that her sister-in-law should do less such childish things in the future. If she was like this again, it would be better not to blame him as the elder brother to scold her. Wang Min openly sided with Liu Xi, and her sister-in-law disliked her even more.Liu Xi thought of many ways to ease the contradiction between the two, finally found that these methods are futile, two people get along the best way is don’t tube each other, each other is not disturbed, teacher Liu Xi do, always so see XiaoGuZi some behavior education, and she also want to see, after less education more harmonious.Then no matter see sister-in-law what did not sit did not stand did not stand, Liu Xi will suppress their desire for education.28 years old and still ask his sister-in-law for a red envelope.XiaoGuZi since graduated from university has been lai in the home, go out and find the work idea all have no, someone else said his two other she also angry, she said she is planning in heart, but never to see her to pay for their own planning any action later or was I had no money with the reluctantly went out looking for a job, earn how much how much,However liu Xi already thought clearly, although she hated iron not become steel, but her words will only make sister-in-law rebellious psychology, no matter is the best.Later as XiaoGuZi age increases slowly, her lifelong event has become home to worry about things for, XiaoGuZi has been on this matter doesn’t matter, she this year at the age of 28, she also want to play a few years, get married will only limit her and bound her, let her not to do things you want to do, besides they introduce to her a disdain for the boys.Liu Xi is feel when to get married, marry what kind of person is your own business, but XiaoGuZi eye does have some is too high, high to some without self-knowledge, a 28-year-old man haven’t own 5-year-old daughter understand, all aspects of the conditions is not so good, but asking others to a $500000 to support her,Liu Xi thinks the biggest problem with his sister-in-law is that he can’t recognize reality.Again during the festival, daughter of Liu Xi sweet since I was a child, people will call grandpa grandma uncle aunt, a circle down a lot of lucky money, and it is now almost 30 XiaoGuZi nature also few people gave her a red envelope, but are surprised the Liu Xi XiaoGuZi directly find her sister-in-law to a red envelope, or directly to her pay treasure, Liu Xi nature does not give,At this age, “I’m a child if I’m not married.”Her sister-in-law’s words left Liu speechless. She had never seen such a big child before.”Grandma, is sister-in-law a child, too?That why I can do things sister-in-law can not do, and you are not said to worship the New Year to have lucky money?Why not sister-in-law?”Liu Xi heard the daughter’s words, to the sister-in-law say some nice words to give you a red envelope is not it, and the nice words sister-in-law to Liu Xi is not to say.The happiness of a family really need each family member to create, new members need to through the running-in can truly blend in, if a person really for the family to consider, he is slow to make some changes, he will choose tolerance, gradually he will gradually to stand in others’ position to ponder over a problem,Only in this way can a family gradually towards harmony, those who let their own temperament, always cannot learn to change, and never recognize not clear own person, he is at the end of the day or the nature of selfishness, he forever in the exclusion of others, and will never go to reflect on their mistakes, they do not put the family in the heart, and this kind of person can’t see happiness forever,I will never be happy.Life is indeed full of all kinds of contradictions, some contradictions can be solved and some can not, sometimes devoting effort to argue endlessly, it is better to be open-minded, do not go to the point, but your heart can be more open.