Learning for nothing?Why is your leadership training difficult to implement?

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Is there a boss who hasn’t organized leadership training?Compared with parachuting in top executives, the management of most enterprises still prefer to recruit from within.For these new managers, how to quickly grow into qualified leaders, leadership training is an effective means, but also the only method that can be copied in batches.The goal of many training managers is to organize a training well, so the focus of work will be on the selection of teachers and courses, but in this process, learning is on the one hand, whether it can be implemented into the actual work is another.No matter how well the class is taught, if the students do not apply it, the training will not be effective. The difficulty of landing leadership training has become a pain point for many training managers.From this point of view, the thinking change is the first step for enterprise leadership training to be implemented.What, how, whywhat are the appearance of things, how is the method of doing things, why is the purpose of doing things.But we often see things only stay in the “What” and “how”, ignoring the “why”.Just like the leadership training of enterprise organizations, the lack of leadership of enterprise managers is the appearance of things, so we should improve the leadership of managers through training, it seems that there is no problem.But what are we training for?Leadership?But the word leadership itself is just a concept, how to measure our leadership really improved through training?This goes against the basic principle of goal setting: measurable.So the leadership training you organize is difficult to land.So, if you want to train people, you need to understand the “why” first.Is leadership training our goal?Yes and no, our goal is to achieve leadership training, but where to achieve leadership training is not clear enough to meet the essential goals of SMART principles.Further thinking, the purpose of providing training is to improve the management ability of managers. The purpose of improving management ability is to improve the productivity of enterprises. How to measure productivity, KPI, OKR and other tools can give you specific data.It is only by looking for the real why that a useful how can be given.If we give “how” when we see “what”, it is usually superficial and cannot solve the actual problem. For example, when an employee dimission, the boss thinks it is about salary, but actually it may be due to unreasonable management.The key to transforming knowledge into ability lies in practice, but there is still a key step to landing on the ground — practice.Simple learning of leadership knowledge cannot meet the needs of leadership transformation, and our managers need to apply it to practical work.At present, most of the courses in leadership training programs include communication, authorization, time management and management by objectives, and most of these also have supporting learning tools, such as communication tracking sheet, target planning work sheet and time planning sheet. The names may be different, but the functions are similar.The reason why your leadership training is difficult to be implemented is to a large extent due to the lack of continuous use of these tools. It is painful for managers to use these tools at the beginning. They are used to the previous working methods, but now they have to change from scratch, which is like adding a layer of bondage to themselves and making them resist.Plus, the introduction of some of the leadership training program, may be three days, five days may be, without a continuous learning, the process of continuous change, has for managers to have a profound experience, basically have a one month, two months, don’t say almost forgotten, alone the use of learning tools, few can insist on down basically.Only “learning”, no “xi”, no matter how good the leadership course will be difficult to land.Behavior begins to change The essence of leadership training is lasting change in leaders’ behavior.In the end, learning will definitely bring about behavioral changes, whether from the surface of the manager, more efficient work, more effective communication, or the change in the manager’s inner thinking. The manager may not be aware of it, but he is the leader and his subordinates, so they can feel the changes.It is difficult to change a person’s behavior and thought, and many enterprises will give up halfway. After the training, the boss may no longer support the training without seeing the direct effect. Therefore, the boss also needs to stick to the end when the behavior starts to change.Finally, one more leadership idea. Effective leadership begins from within.In order to lead others, one must first become a self-leader.Improve your goals, ideas, cognition, ability and behavior, and systematically upgrade yourself.