Looking for “blessing”!Talk about the “fu” culture of Fuding!

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In the year of tiger, in the year of Happiness, in the New Year, where does the “happiness” of the Tripod come from?Today from the mouth of the folk scholars Ma Shuxia fuding’s the story behind the “fu” cultural Ma Shuxia write f Ma Shuxia said, since the ancient times, fuding became known as the district, in the early qing dynasty, fuding tea export, each tea bottle, fu tea two words written will be labeled as the stick, word of overall modelling with the appearance of the teapot is similar,The “pot” is also written with the Chinese character “fu”, which implies that drinking tea is blessed.Blessing tea paste not only tea is blessed, tea tasting has three “blessing” said, that is, tea has eyes “blessing”, drinking tea has mouth “blessing”, tea to the heart “blessing”, this homophonic: eye, oral, heart.Ma Shuxia further explained that in the past, there were more than 100 different kinds of blessings, known as “100 blessings”, and there were also 100 kinds of blessings containing the word “longevity”, which symbolized everyone’s pursuit of happiness and desire for longevity.During the Spring Festival, the people of Fuding will paste the Chinese character “Fu” on their doors, and under the character “fu” hang an ornament of a fish, which means “Fu fish (surplus)” in the New Year.At present, in addition to the daily “fu”, in New Year paintings, cake flowers, wood carvings and other fields, the influence of fu culture is almost everywhere.In this respect, fuding folk New Year paintings, cake flowers and other traditional decorative arts show the most abundant and distinctive motif patterns for blessing.The main objects in its composition are fu Lu shou, tian-guan, tigers, bats and so on. Through the artistic expression techniques of symbolism, metonymy, homophony and so on, the fu culture pattern is rich and colorful, vivid and interesting.Such as fu Lu shou, tian Guan blessing, five tigers (fu), flowers (bat), etc., these traditional patterns of blessing like a colorful picture scroll, from one side to the historical face of the “fu” culture of Fu Lu Shou — the ancient folk saying of Fu Lu Shou: “The world is blessed, the three lucky stars in the sky.The ancients believed that the god of fortune came from the star, and the gods of fortune, wealth and longevity enshrined in the hall of three stars dominated the happiness, wealth and longevity of the world.In a sense, it can be said that the three gods of fortune, Lu and Longevity are the “image representatives” of the ancient folk culture of fortune, deeply adored and loved by the people.Fu Lu Shouxi Tianguan blessing around the folk wood carvings or New Year pictures, paper cuts, cake flowers, often visible “Tianguan blessing” pattern.The year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, a pun on the Chinese word for “tiger”, which means “five blessings”.The word for “bat” is a pun on the word for “blessing”. The blooming of flowers attracts bats, which means that the flowers are “blessing”.Today, the ancient “fu” culture has been given new meaning by generations of Fuding people. What else do you know about the “fu” culture of Fuding?Say ~ “happy fuding” editorial office text photo: Ye Feifei