Matters needing attention during run-in period

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Everybody old iron bought a new car in the heart is not all flattered everyone knows that the new car is need to run in?But!Do you know what new car running-in needs to pay attention to?Xiaobian to teach you how to “plate him”!What is the new car running in the new parts of the friction resistance is larger than the normal period, in the running in period due to the vehicle, engine parts have not reached the best degree of coordination, will consume more engine output power, there will be relatively large oil consumption phenomenon;Fuel consumption problems will be improved after maintenance, run-in period is generally 5000 km.The running-in of the new car will have an important influence on the life, safety and fuel consumption level of the car.The necessity of new car run-in 1, new car run-in is also man-machine run-in you may feel uncomfortable driving someone else’s car, people will feel unhappy driving your car, you have been used to the driving habits of your car.2, the combination of various parts of the car new car running-in to ensure full contact, friction, adaptation, finalize the design of mechanical parts.During this period, we can adjust and improve the ability of the car parts to adapt to the environment, and make the parts more smoothly.1, cold car start before the hot car cold start, the best such as the engine speed stability in the normal idle speed range after starting (general time is about 10S to 30S, time and local temperature related;The colder the temperature is, the longer it takes to heat up the car);Don’t hit the gas in a cold car to warm up quickly.2, the speed needs to control the car in the running-in period, the speed of the best control at 50-80 km/h;After driving over 1500 kilometers, the speed and speed can be gradually increased to the maximum 1 high speed allowed by the vehicle;Do not press the accelerator hard to ensure that the pistons, cylinders and other important components increase load in a relaxed state.3, weight loss vehicle body can not be too large load, should try to remove unnecessary items;During the run-in, the body should be as light as possible, too much weight on the car will also have damage, virtually increase the engine load.