May the mountains and rivers remain intact and Baoji refuels (2)

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Today, Sunday, March 13, 2022.Another anti-epidemic action sounded the horn.This is the second round of nucleic acid testing. Yesterday, all communities were under control and containment, effectively preventing the risk of cross infection caused by the movement of people.This round of testing was carried out in small communities in the whole city. People actively responded to the call of the government and began to queue up at more than five in the morning.It was even more difficult for the medical staff and volunteers. When many people were still asleep, they packed up and set out. The rows of Baywhites stood out in the dark, inviting and lovely.This day, their task is much more difficult, the whole city unified action, 6 hours to finish all.First middle and high school students, then children and elementary students, and finally adults.This means that our beloved Baymax starts his preparations at 4 or 5 a.m., and goes on until 1 or 2 noon, or even longer.Such hours, workload, is also unique!Look, the determination and strength of baoji people to fight the epidemic is really moving ah!Of course, we are not alone. The nucleic acid sampling team from Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine came here by high-speed train last night.Yeah, the outbreak is the command, control and prevention is responsibility, life is more important than mount tai, the critical moment, good atmosphere of social family bulk, fully embodies the superiority of socialism, medical personnel to heal the wounded and rescue the dying of the humanitarian real play to the limit, this is our great motherland, this is our respectable medical workers,Dear Baymax, you are the cutest people of our time!This round of testing was much more detailed, with a lot of behind-the-scenes work done by functional staff and volunteers.In advance of each street district, village group, etc., made a detailed touch card, approved the specific number of people, made a plan and work plan.In many communities, the test started at 6 in the morning, and at the latest, those with large populations and heavy preparation work began at 7 or 8: at the test site, volunteers, property management staff and security guards were responsible for guiding everyone to queue up in an orderly way, opening the health Baoji public service number in advance, and turning out the QR code of their nucleic acid test.When testing, it is convenient for medical staff to scan the code, so that the detection speed is much faster, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Everyone is very self-conscious, wearing masks consciously, maintaining a social distance of one meter, everything is so orderly.Occasionally someone wants to jump the queue, see everyone do so orderly, naturally also embarrassed!In general, we all share the same wish: we are eager to prevent and control the epidemic, end it at an early date and resume normal production and life.Surely our wishes will come true as soon as possible!Come on, baoji, come on, baoji!