Sichuan has a “pension treasure” was discovered, beautiful environment slow pace, convenient transportation and good air

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In recent years, as the continuous improvement of resident living standards, people also pay more attention to the environment, especially those aged friends, want to be in their retirement, find a picturesque city like spring four seasons as their pension resort.China has a vast territory, and there are indeed many cities in line with these characteristics, but it is really difficult to find a city that is relatively perfect in all aspects.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a retirement treasure in Sichuan, here not only has a beautiful environment, but also a slow pace of life and perfect supporting transportation, the city is zigong City.Speaking of Zigong, you must have heard its name more or less. It is the first city in the southern part of The province. Although it is not as famous as Chengdu, zigong is better than Chengdu in many aspects.Friends familiar with Zigong know that zigong used to be a production and research base, and the so-called word Zigong is also derived from two salt Wells. Salt was a very popular commodity in ancient China, so Zigong used to be very glorious.However, with the development of science and technology, although Zigong has lost its former glory, it has become a remarkable city in the province in terms of scenery.Surrounding the zigong has two big rivers, one is the minjiang river, the other one is tuojiang river, also is rich in water resources to create a number of plant resources, currently zigong afforestation rate has reached 44%, within the territory of the province that is near is a good level, and within the city are more perfect supporting facilities, health care, education, travel, and are very convenient.The most attractive part of Zigong is its pleasant environment. The average annual temperature is only about 18 degrees Celsius. It is very warm in winter, which is very suitable for the sickly middle-aged and old people to spend the winter here.And zigong’s consumption level is not high, the house price here is mostly within the level of four or five thousand yuan, even ordinary salarymen can buy a good house here.If you are interested, you may wish to personally come to Zigong to experience some, here zigong dinosaur Museum, five ditch natural scenic area, are very attractive tourist attractions.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other views on zigong?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Another low-key scenic spot in Jiangxi is popular. It is known as the “No.1 Lotus Village in China” for its beautiful scenery.These three factors are daunting