(Sports) Midnight Ski Track “Beautician”

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Lanzhou, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) –With the grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the pace of the Winter Paralympics is getting closer and closer.Members of the national cross-country skiing and biathlon training teams prepare for the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games at the Baiyin National Snow Events training base in Gansu province recently.During the day, athletes chase each other on the piste;Later in the night, a team of “groomers” stay up all night so the runners can get on the clean slopes again the next day.After a day of training, the cross-country ski course at the base has been partially damaged by snow surface collapse and broken chute.Therefore, it is necessary to make and press snow every night.Behind the remarkable improvement of athletes’ performance is not only their hard training day after day, but also the sweat and persistence of many staff members.With daytime temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, athletes can train in a single suit.As soon as the sun was “off duty”, the training base went into “quick-freeze mode”.At night, temperatures here plummet to around minus 15 degrees Celsius, making it teeth-chattering even under a down jacket.After midnight, when the snowflakes turned to ice, wang Xinglong, head of the track, and his team began to “beaut” the track.They have been doing this special “cosmetic procedure” for more than two months.”After midnight, the temperature is low, and the snow is fine and suitable for training and competition.”Wang Xinglong said.Under normal circumstances, electricity shop pipe, start the machine, you can make snow normally.But temperatures in the low teens at night froze the water mains solid.Wang Xinglong seemed to be used to this kind of scene. He picked up the lamp and roasted it carefully against the pipe.”Bake it for ten minutes, thaw it, and make snow.”He said.In cold, the range of action that bakes conduit cannot be too big.Wang xinglong and his team members were too cold to move their fingers.As the water gurgled and the pipes began to thaw, they dared not rest.Because, to make snow.If the night is cold, it is the “beauticians” who suffer.Then the sudden change of wind is a boulder on the heart of the team members.Half the time in the last two months, snowmaking teams have wrestled with violent winds.”After midnight to make snow, the most afraid of mountain wind blowing.The wind suddenly blows in the direction from which the snow is coming out of the snow machine, and the snow is blown into the snow machine, which is easy to damage the machine.At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine, adjust the direction and restart it.”Wang Xinglong said.Stop, boot;Stop it again, turn it on again.After several hours of fierce fighting, the snow-making in the cold is over just as the trail patrol begins.Ignoring the knife-like wind in his face, Lu Wen, the base manager, trundled along the 3.5-kilometer trail alone on a snowmobile.After about an hour of inspection, Luwen jumped off the snowmobile, feeling like a frozen Popsicle.”Inspection is to see whether the thickness and width of the piste meet the standards.The width is at least 8 meters and the thickness is about half a meter. I have walked the piste many times. It is really cold, but I am used to it.”Lu Wen said with a smile.When Lu Wen finished his patrol, the clock struck 4:30 a.m.At that moment, Wang Xinglong boarded the snow press in the dark and began to clean up the ski.Wang xinglong said snow pressing should not be carried out too early, as it would make the snow hard and not good for athletes’ training.He usually drives around the track four times more than 4 a.m., which takes about three hours.”I finish snowpressing every morning at about 7.30am so that at 9am training time the athletes can feel the best on the track.””The field conditions at the base are very good, and we have made specific arrangements for athletes’ training on this ski course.The team will have 40 days to prepare for the Winter Olympics.Fu Chunshan, coach of the National cross-country skiing and biathlon team.In the past, Wang Xinglong, Lu Wen and others were ordinary farmers near the base.At the end of 2019, wang xinglong and others began to work at the Baiyin National Snow Sports Training Base in Gansu province after it was completed and put into operation.Over the years, this group of farmers, once ignorant of the sport of ice and snow, has become a professional team of snow making and pressing.During the Spring Festival, athletes trained as usual, and Wang xinglong and his team members also chose to spend the holiday at the base.They silently guard the trails in the late night and contribute their strength.”Ice sports have changed our lives.We are proud to have the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in our country and to be able to contribute to the preparation of our athletes.”Wang Xinglong said.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com