Two Chinese in Italy have won a $1 million prize after failing to give a bar owner a $10,000 tip

2022-05-08 0 By

Italian “Chinese street” ms christianson reported recently, two Chinese men in coney jarno (treviso) of a Chinese bar playing scratch CARDS won euro 2 million, they had promised to bar owner ten thousand euros a tip, but in the end they only gave one thousand euros, bar owners, said don’t want to see them now.”Two Chinese guys won 2 million euros in a scratchcard game in my bar. They were very happy and immediately promised me a tip of 10,000 euros. I was very happy, too,” said Mr. Wu, the bar’s owner.Instead, they only gave me a thousand euros.I looked at his face and told him to keep it, go, and never come back!I only said it as a joke because they were dishonest and I wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable if THEY hadn’t tipped me 10,000 euros.”Finally, Mr. WU, the owner of Coneliano’s bar, told reporters, ‘Another thing I don’t understand is why the state doesn’t help us by giving us a percentage of the profits from the lottery tickets we sell every day, even if it’s 1 or 2 percent.’This will be a great help to our bar practitioners, especially in this epidemic era.Now, as word spread that the multimillion-euro jackpot had been won, the gendarmerie NAS ‘inspection followed.- alexzou