What are your future plans?Wu Dajing: still want to continue to fight for the country

2022-05-08 0 By

After the men’s 5,000m relay final, the short track speed skating events at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end, bringing 27-year-old Wu Dajing to an end.Speaking about his future, he said he still wanted the chance to play for his country.”I was thinking about what I want to do after the Winter Olympics for a while, but I’ve been thinking about it since the first World Cup this season.””As long as I’m on the national team, my country needs me, and I can represent my country, I will do my best, and I also hope to have such an opportunity in the future.”Wu Dajing said, the short track speed skating team now has a lot of “after 00” young athletes, he hopes these young players grow up quickly, together in the field for the motherland glory.The Olympics are short track speed skating race all over, when asked by reporters what are the memorable moments, Wu Dajing said: “first of all, is the first day of the opening short track speed skating team took the first gold for the Chinese sports delegation (mixed groups relay), played a very good sample, then let all took a champion (1000 meters), the two very memorable.The team got a gold medal to show off.Ren Ziwei was very happy to win the gold medal. I witnessed his hard work and dedication.And the women’s relay gold medal is worth remembering.”Wu dajing paused, then said humorously: “Including small Fan (Fan Kexin) kissing the ice, I thought she was going to retire!When I asked her, she said no…”Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li li, Xiao-song zhao LiuShuang Liu ping Deng Wei process editor: U022