What is Pilates

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Pilates is an exercise that relaxes muscles throughout the body and improves trunk control.Pilates has a magical combination of motion systems named after its founder, Joseph Pilates.Pilates attaches great importance to the mobilization of muscle groups in various parts of the body through exercise, while integrating the concepts and training methods of yoga, Tai Chi, body ballet, which can improve the muscle function of the human body through exercise and adjust the spine and lumbar spine.People who have really touched Pilates will find that as little as 5 minutes, the body will be hot and sweaty.Each pilates movement is slow and clear, focusing on control, stretching and breathing.By working your core, your body becomes soft and flexible.It enables the body to move left and right together, gradually correcting the bad habit of turning left and right, making the body more harmonious and balanced.Pilates (German: Pilates) is a physical fitness exercise developed by The German Joseph Pilates in the 20th century.Pilates had created a set of unique training movements, movement skills called “control”.The narrow range of Pilates has created more than 500 movements for pilates couples, most of which have been photographed or documented.Pilates in the broad sense is a coordinated exercise of the whole body, emphasizing the control of the core muscle group, strengthening the nerve sensing and innervation of the human brain to the limb and skeletal muscle tissue, coupled with the correct breathing method.