Who is to blame for not using Coutinho?Lionel messi?

2022-05-08 0 By

New signing Philippe Coutinho scored a goal and two assists in aston Villa’s 3-3 draw with Leeds United in the Barclays Premier League.He was voted man of the match.Coutinho has scored two goals and made two assists in three appearances since joining Aston Villa on loan from Barcelona.It is worth mentioning that in the previous half season with Barcelona, he played 16 games, also only two goals, no assists.What will Barcelona think when they see that?At the beginning to join Barcelona for 160 million, Coutinho has been playing a price.Instead, Liverpool made a fortune out of Coutinho and won the Champions League!Later barca lost money, changed a team coutinho like a new life, do not know barca will not use or Messi’s reason?In the eyes of the media, Messi is like “syphilis” general, in Barcelona, Messi is in charge of a lot of times.For example, if a manager does not fit, Messi will ask for a change of coach, such as Enrique.So Messi in Barcelona’s last few years are good old coach, these coaches are not strong, just in line with Messi’s character.As for the players, Messi will also interfere in the club’s operation, and he will let the team trade the player who does not fit with him!So did Coutinho offend Messi, or did Messi think he and Coutinho were at odds and that coutinho failed to make his mark at Barcelona?Griezmann is also because of the conflict with Messi, almost destroyed Barca.One of laporta’s first acts was to drop Messi.Yes, recent media reports have revealed that Barca’s financial situation is far from dire.It was Laporta who deliberately exaggerated Barcelona’s financial deficit.Barca could afford to extend messi’s contract, but laporta’s unwillingness to sign him led to his departure.It seems laporta did not want Messi to stay in the team to do so, so far he has done a good job!As for whether Messi will return to Barcelona in the future, as long as laporta is there, there is little hope!